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divine light, rigidity, alienation, bitterness

9 - The Hermit

Author: Anja Heij

The age about 50 years.

The Hermit withdraws from the world out of his own free will to find his core, his inner divine light, which he will spread over the world with his lantern. This is the search for the Truth in your soul. By doing so he is harvesting (the wheat in the background of the card) what has really value in life.

Meaning: reflection, wisdom and illumination from within, enlightenment, willingness to spread your insights, withdrawing (world, relationship, affairs).

Reverse: alienation, rigidity, bitterness.

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9. Two further sources credits Peter the. Hermit with a crucial part in the launching of the crusade: the Chanson d'Antioche and Anna.

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9 - The Hermit
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