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half man half goat, unscrupulous person, nature god, merriment

15 - The Devil

Author: Anja Heij

In fact this card represents Pan, the very old Nature-God of merriment, sensuality, fertility and life-force. Pan has the appearance of a half-man, half-goat. The goat is related to Capricorn and Saturn. Capricorn is persistent, tenacious, structured and will reach his goal step-by-step, not bothered by disappointments.

The Pan card teaches us to approach problems with humor and tenacity, to appreciate everything on your path no matter whether it is rough and barren or smooth and fertile. And of course this card is also the card of sexuality and creativity.

Since Christianity had problems with pleasure of the senses, it considered Pan "The Evil" or Devil; that is why the name of the card has changed.

Meaning: endurance, persistence, hard work, sexuality, to value and persist (in) all circumstances, approaching problems with humor and creativity.

Reverse: obstinacy, rigidity, unscrupulous person, obsession, materialism.

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