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falcon god, vault of heaven, new aeon, orange globe

20 - The Aeon

Author: Anja Heij

Aeon means Era, a period of time. On this card the Goddess Nuith is the blue vault of heaven that folds herself over the orange globe of fire of her mate Hadit. They form the marriage between unlimited possibility (Nuith) and universal point-of-view (Hadit). From this promise for the future their sun-child Horus is born.

Horus appears as a double-figure: in the background we see the older Horus from the past, the authoritarian Falcon-God-ruler, who has to step back for the young, transparent, spiritual Horus-child, who will be the leader in the new Aeon. The young Horus is known as a healer, personification of eternal youth and as a guide towards greater consciousness.

Traditionally this card is called Judgment, which means giving an overall-view of situations at the end of a certain period.

Meaning: final judgment, complete insight, beginning of a new period, taking a definite step, renewal, reincarnation.

Reverse: failure to face the facts, regretting missed opportunities.

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