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emotional contentment, false friendship, inner harmony, sex etc

The Suit of Cups: Tarot Card Meanings

Author: Anja Heij


Meaning: Beauty and pleasure, fullness, goodness, fertility, productiveness.

Reversed: Erosion, sterility, clouded joy, false heart.

2 OF CUPS - Love

Meaning: The unity of male and female in the broadest sense: can be inner harmony, can be relationship between two people based on equality, warm friendship, partnership, love-relationship. Perfect harmony, radiating joy and ecstasy.

Reversed: Unsatisfactory love, false friendship, crossed desires, misunderstandings, divorce, separation.

3 OF CUPS - Abundance

Meaning: Plenty, overflowing, sensuality. The good things of life, enjoy them while they are there, because the won't last forever.

Reversed: Loss of prestige. Delays.

4 OF CUPS - Luxury

Meaning: Pleasure or success mixed with anxiety, because it is decaying/coming to an end.

Reversed: Injustice, weakness.

5 OF CUPS - Disappointment

Meaning: Disturbance when least expected, frustration, disappointment in relationships, misfortune, sadness.

Reversed: Learn from your disappointments.

6 OF CUPS - Pleasure

Meaning: Well-being, harmony, ease, satisfaction, sexual pleasure, happiness.

Reversed: Thanklessness, not being able to enjoy, always making conditions.

7 OF CUPS - Debauch

Meaning: Fantasy, delusion, imagination. Illusionary success. Addiction or intoxication (alcohol , drugs, food, sex, etc.).

Reversed: Back to reality.

8 OF CUPS - Indolence

Meaning: Abandoned success, discontinuance of effort, decline of interest in anything, depression, misery.

Reversed: Effort continued until full success is attained. Recovery from depression.

9 OF CUPS - Happiness

Meaning: Joy, gladness, delight, pleasure and happiness, material attainment, good health, complete success.

Reversed: Material loss, mistakes, imperfections, vanity, self-praise.

10 OF CUPS - Satiety

Meaning: Emotional contentment and satisfaction, fulfillment followed by letting go (everything comes to an end).

Reversed: Waste, stagnation, debauchery.


Meaning: A very gracious, sweet, tender, sensitive person. Meditative. Loyalty. Paranormal advice. A very helpful person.

Reversed: Indolent, selfish, luxurious person. A flatterer.


Meaning: Expressing and controlling deep, passionate desires. Following your deepest heart. Letting your soul take you into new directions. In secrecy and silence searching for power and wisdom in your life.

Reversed: Evil, merciless person with overweening ambition.


Meaning: Reflection and reception. Poetical. Gift of vision. Medium. Intuitive inner wisdom. Devoted, soft person. Sensitive, loving intimacy.

Reversed: Diffusion, dreaminess, irrationality, confusion, deceit, delusion, fears and nightmares.


Meaning: Sensitive, wise counselor. Openness. Innocence. Showing your feelings, following your spontaneous insights. Compassion.

Reversed: Sensual, idle, untruthful, charlatan. Tendency to melancholy.

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