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The Suit of Disks/Pentacles: Tarot Card Meanings

Author: Anja Heij


Meaning: Materiality in all senses. Contentment with what you have reached: power, labor, wealth. Material gain. Attainment.

Reversed: Prosperity without happiness. Greed. Fool's gold.

2 OF DISKS - Change

Meaning: Alteration of gain and loss, weakness and strength, joy and sadness. The harmony of changes within the Universe. Transition into a new balance. Transformation. Pleasant change.

Reversed: Simulated enjoyment, forced gaiety. Industrious yet unreliable person.

3 OF DISKS - Works

Meaning: Constructive energy. Business, commerce, paid employment. Constructive building up. Great skill in trade or work. Craft.

Reversed: Lack of skill. Mediocrity. Preoccupation. Greedy person seeking impossibilities.

4 OF DISKS - Power

Meaning: Law and order. Stability. Gain of money and influence. Earthly power. Reliability.

Reversed: Setbacks in material holdings. Opposition to further gain. Lack of originality. Stagnation, fixation. Suspicion.

5 OF DISKS -Worry

Meaning: Worry about health, finances, external situations or relationships. Intense strain with continued inaction. Feeling miserable during crises. Anxiety. Pessimism.

Reversed: Reversal of a bad trend. Overcoming disharmony. New interests.

6 OF DISKS - Success

Meaning: Success and gain in material things. Power, influence. Nobility. Philantrophy, gifts, generosity.

Reversed: Envy, jealousy, avarice. Unpaid loans.

7 OF DISKS - Failure

Meaning: Promises of success unfulfilled. Hopes deceived. Disappointment. Little or no gain much labor.

Reversed: Delay but growth (this moment is the wrong time for taking action).

8 OF DISKS - Prudence

Meaning: Operating with care, balance and caution, attending details. Precision. Well-considered actions. Industriousness. Apprenticeship. Craftsmanship.

Reversed: "Penny-wise and pound foolish" attitudes. Fixation on details. Lack of ambition. Usury.

9 OF DISKS - Gain

Meaning: Good luck in material affairs, favour and popularity. Great increase of wealth. Profit, benefit. Safety.

Reversed: Theft, fraud, greed. Possible loss of friendship or possession. Threat to safety.

10 OF DISKS - Wealth

Meaning: Material prosperity and riches. Inheritance. Good foundation / security in family, work and finances Old age.

Reversed: Loss, robbery, gambling. Crowley notes that material wealth will decline unless it will be followed by creative impulses.

Here the end of the fourth Suit meets the beginning of the first Suit (Ace of Wands), thus making a full circle. Everything is energy in motion.


Meaning: Birth of something new: idea, project, child. Womanhood. Creativity. Kind, benevolent, preserving woman in tune with her creative nature of bringing forth purity. Desire for learning and new ideas.

Reversed: Wasteful and prodigal woman at war with her essential dignity. Wasting your talents. Unwillingness to new ideas and insights.


Meaning: The trustworthy, determined, realistic builder of new, solid worlds. Capable manager. Persistence, methodicalness, patience. The ability to conclude a task. Steady progress.

Reversed: Stagnation, carelessness, idleness, inertia. Lack of determination or direction.


Meaning: Practical directed ambition. Exploring new areas. Affection, kindness, greatness of heart. The Great Mother. Instinct, sensuality, life-force, fruitfulness, trust.

Reversed: Dull, servile, foolish. Moody. Tendency to addiction. Responsibilities neglected. Suspicion, mistrust.


Meaning: Harvest. A farmer, patient, laborious and clever in material things. Ability to acquire money and possessions. Reliable person, loyal friend. Good things take their time.

Reversed: Too occupied with material things. Incapable of foresight. Avaricious, jealous, grasping man. Corruption. Using any means to achieve the desired end.

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