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Disease and The Creative Process in Magick

Author: Anja Heij

"Health is inner peace"

A Course in Miracles

On this place I would like to say some words about
illness and responsibility for your own life.
At some level everyone of us is responsible for everything in
the whole world, and - eventually - in the Universe.
There is no such thing as coincidence, good or bad luck from a
bigger point of view; all events and circumstances are actively
or passively created by one or more persons, and we are all connected.
Many healing arts state that disease has its origins in the mind
and disfunction of the body is its result.
In A Course of Miracles we read: "sickness is of the mind, and
has nothing to do with the body" and "Sickness is a way of demonstrating
that you can be hurt". Disease is a form of body language, telling
us that something in our lives is not right. Often the location
and the nature of the disease give information about what we experience
as being wrong; in this area people like Louise Hay have done
wonderful work.
But: I do object against people who think that they can explain
and understand all human physical expressions. - "This is so,
because..." And then choose one of the following options:

  • "You have done something terrible in another life, it's your
    karma". (how do they know?)

  • Or "Anything that happens, happens for your wellbeing". (do
    you believe that if you have cancer or AIDS and suffer unbearable

  • Or "You have created this yourself; it's your own fault that
    you suffer!" (this is a great help after being raped)

  • Or "If you have this complaint, then this absolutely is the
    background of it. You should do this…" (and then they insist
    that you work on yourself, see a psycho-analyst or so, but what
    if your disease has to do with carbon monoxide because of leaking

  • Or "You have to learn something; this is a lesson you should
    appreciate." (what do you have to learn from torture, except
    that it's inhuman and hurts terribly? Besides A Course in Miracles
    teaches that "there is no need to learn through pain.")

Mandala of Tibetan medicine

My point is:

  1. Yes, somehow everything we experience is created. But it is
    not always consciously created, there is still so much ignorance
    about what we do and why we do it. Besides everybody around
    us creates at the same time, what means that the more ignorant
    we are about our own potential, the more influence our surroundings
    possibly have on our lives. And then there is also the influence
    of the group-consciousness, what could possibly create events
    like wars or nature disasters. So this whole energy-weaving
    is unbelievably interesting, but much more complex than the
    above mentioned statements would like us to believe.

  2. The above mentioned statements are very judging, prejudiced
    and eliterian. They don't know you, but they know it all they
    think; this is the attitude of a very big ego. "I am better
    than you are, at least I am less stupid than you are", it says.
    So actually they tell you that there is something wrong with
    you. But if we are all Gods and Goddesses, than how could there
    be something wrong with us? And what's wrong , what's right?
    I personally know a 4 years-old boy, highly crippled, unable
    to speak, walk and transfer the signals of his nervous system,
    but he is very content and cheerful and his parents are really
    happy with him. I know this boy as a very beautiful spirit.
    This is an unusual human expression, but what is wrong with
    that? He is also a spark of God - and able to give me a feeling
    of joy, respect and humbleness towards life. Couldn't this be
    just be the gift of this boy to the world? To let us know that
    although things seem imperfect they are perfectly perfect?

  3. If there is something wrong with us, then we are unworthy
    and should feel guilty for not being good enough. Thank God
    A Course in Miracles states: "you are not guiltless in time,
    but in eternity." Maybe for human beings we are not good enough,
    but for the Goddess we definitely are!

  4. We would do great work if we would act from a point of love
    and encourage persons instead of criticizing them. Yes, do try
    to read the message of their body, but please from a point of
    acceptance and openmindedness, instead from a point of criticizing
    and judging. The first thing comes from a source of love and
    acceptance, oneness - our true source - while the second thing
    springs from a viewpoint of being separate, having to defend
    yourself against…(?) - this is our small ego.

So the source of our uneasiness can be multifold - and it is
very much worth to try to understand it - but even more important
is how we wish to proceed, for this is really an opportunity of
our creative force. You can put endless energy in trying to explain
and work through your personal past, but the present forms the
base for your future. So please act for the sake of your future…and
anybody else…

Do a therapy you believe in or feel attracted to, starting from
the point of view that you deserve the best out of your life.
There is a lot you can do to heal yourself, like positive thinking, using affirmations and visualizations,
meditations and Bach
Flower Remedies
, healthy food, fresh air and exercise..
A good friend who dares to be honest with you can be a great teacher.
Ask for light and know that you are light...

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