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Author: Anja Heij

"We often want one thing and pray for another, not telling the
truth even to the gods."


Affirmations are a powerful way to form a newly
chosen reality.

The verb to affirm is derived from the Latin word affirmare, what
means 'making more solid, fasten'. Affirmations are often repeated
declarations of things we desire to come true. We put our ideas
about what we wish to be, have or achieve into words; these ideas
become thoughts; these thoughts become powerful because we believe
them with expectation and because we often repeat them.

Don't under-estimate the last part; a great deal of advertisement
and political propaganda is based on repetition, according to
the rule that 'if you tell a lie a thousand times, people will
start to believe it is truth'.

So belief is very important with affirmations.

Firstly we need the belief that everything is possible, that we
are worthy enough to receive it and that the Universe will grant
us whatever we want from it.
Secondly we increase our belief in the desired new reality through
the constant repetition, the affirming, of our thoughts.

Often repeated affirmations, declared with inner certainty and desire, will surely lead to materialization.

You can speak them out loud, write them down or repeat them in
your head, where and whenever you want. You can put them into
a song and often chant it. The long duration humming of a text
as done by witches is an ancient form of using affirmations.

Start your affirmations with "I", or - even better
- "I am".

These words are the ultimate confirmation of the creative force
you are, and they will set the Universe into motion.

State your affirmations in the present time,
with the inner knowing that everything has always been and will
always be, and now you call it forth it will soon appear within
your frame of time and space.

Be specific in your affirmations to receive the
desired thing
. If you want riches for instance, tell the Universe
what kind of riches you seek, is it financial riches, spiritual
riches or riches in your relationships? If you want a house, clearly
affirm what kind of house, or - if you need the house quickly
- ask for the best available house for you.

Speak your affirmations in the positive way;
confirm the things you do want and avoid confirming what you
do not want. After all thoughts are energy, so add power only
to the things you do want. Example: "I am energetic" instead of
"I am no longer tired". Or "I am patient" instead of "I will no
longer react irritable".

Make short and simple affirmations; these
are easy to remember and have a strong emotional value. Short
affirmations contain some sort of rhythm (you lose the rhythm in
a longer text), and this rhythm leads to a harmonious energy-wave
in the brains what adds to the efficiency of your affirmation.

It is important to avoid:

  • Affirmations stated in the future time ("I will...or I shall")
    because 'tomorrow, tomorrow will always stay one day away'!
    If you ask things for the future they will always remain in
    the future, since the Universe gives you what you call forth.

  • Affirmations starting with "I want", for the same reason:
    now the Universe knows that you want it, and that's exactly
    what it will present you : a wanting of something, so again
    you won't receive it. Say things like "I choose", "I am" or
    "I have".

Remember: Dare to think big when you make affirmations. You are
a Master of the Universe! When you ask much you can receive much,
and don't worry, there's enough for everybody. Still having problems
with abundance: in that case consider that if you have got a lot
yourself, you can give away a lot to others.

Here are some example affirmations:

(one for healing) :

I am love

I am recovering

My body and life are now healed.

I am healthy and energetic.

(to establish a good relationship with yourself, build up self-confidence
and let go of fears and anxiety):

I am light

I am love

I am truth

I am God.

I enjoy myself and my life.

I am slim and attractive.

I am a magical man/woman for………(wow!)

I have a great job with a great salary.

I feel happy in running a financial
successful business.

I am a great/successful cook - actor
- lover - friend - writer - programmer - healer - etc.

One last word on affirmations: there is a lot you can 'order',
and be open to expect miracles, but...the details are for the
Universe. So please don't complain about the 'wrong' co lour of
the car you got, or the 'wrong' house-number of your new apartment.
Simply be thankful for the gifts of the Goddess.

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