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Author: Anja Heij

"See things as you would have them instead of as they are."

Robert Collier

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."

Pamela Vaull Starr

Visualizing is using your imagination to create
a new reality. It means mentally giving form to ideas with our
inner senses.
Most people use their inner eye for this process, they translate
their ideas into mental pictures and that's why imagining is often
called visualization. But you can also use inner hearing, -smell,
-taste, -feeling or a combination of the inner senses to envision
your new reality.

Creative visualization is something else than day-dreaming.

Day-dreaming is a mental flight from reality; you know that the
pictures your mind show you are no reality, and you have no intention
to give your fantasy the energy needed to make it come true.
In creative visualization however we make consciously use of our
ability to imagine a new reality, and we make it come true by
the power of will, focus, passion, desire, belief and repetition.
In a visualization you are the main character of the movie (and
good actors don't just play their part, but completely become
the character they play) while in day-dreaming you are a spectator.

Apparition of de Visage of Aphrodite of Cnide
in a Landscape, Salvador Dali

The technique is simple: relax, close your eyes
and make a mental image of your desired new reality.

Some people can make very clear inner pictures, and many cannot.
That's okay, simply use your mind power to form your imagination.
Start with envisioning a basic idea, let's say a wished vacation
at the seashore. If your mind does not spontaneously come up with
an image, ask yourself questions in relationship to your visualization.
Like: what is the weather like, how does the sea look, can I hear
the waves or sea-gulls, are there any dolphins, how is my hotel
like, what do I do there, what is the temperature of the water,
who do I meet there, etc. If you do this concentrated you will
notice that bit by bit an overall impression is formed, consisting
of elements you see, hear, smell, taste and maybe feel (like the
heat of the sun on your skin).
Make your visualization as real as you can, BE your imagination.

If your mind comes up with something you don't like, change it
right away into something you do appreciate. This is your new
reality in motion.
Practice visualization on a regular base, daily or more often.
When you become more experienced you'll notice that it is also
possible to visualize with your eyes open during daily occupations.
Now this is very handy, because while doing something you can
envision that you do it in a splendid way, what will improve your
Over the last years these insights are implemented in top sports:
while running the athlete imagines that he runs very hard and
effortless and he sees himself winning the first prize.

You could for instance consider visualization when giving a speech
or during another public performance, applying for a job (see
yourself getting it and being offered a good salary), or when
making a deal.

Another world, Escher

Another possibility of visualization is asking your
subconsciousness to give you information by showing it to you.
If you are having a head-ache for instance, you could try to find
out this way why you have it. And next visualize a big beautiful
rose or a blue globe that absorbes your head-ache and dissolves
with it into the Universe.

Visualization techniques are often used in meditation.
Here they are mainly used to harmonize and raise your energy,
clear and protect your aura, make contact with spiritual guides
and explore inner realms. Visualization is very important in most
magical practices.

A basic rule in visualization is this: imagine the
reality you wish to achieve as vividly as possible and from the
inner knowing that it will appear into your physical reality.

  • if you are ill: visualize yourself in perfect health and feeling
    good and happy

  • if you weigh too much: see the new slim and beautiful you,
    and feel how attractive you are

  • if you want another house: visualize the house of your dreams
    in the wished surroundings

  • if you want better relationships: form a picture of it and
    feel your happiness in the new situation.

Don't set a time table for the Universe and enjoy your steps
in bringing an inward world out.

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