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Practicing Sex Magick

Author: Anja Heij

"O Lord, intoxicate me with the wine

Of Thy Love.

Place the chains of Thy slavery on

My feet;

Make me empty of all but Thy love,

And in it destroy me and bring me

Back to life.

The hunger Thou has awakened culminates

In fulfillment."

Sufimaster Sheikh Abdullah Ansari

In this chapter I give you the basic structure of
a sex magick ritual with the 'how's and 'why's while next chapter
describes several possibilities for working alone, with one or
maybe more partners.

  • First set a goal.

    What exactly do you want to achieve with your magick?

    Your goal can be any material attainment, like a new job, prosperity
    in business affairs, a pleasant house, whatever.
    Your goal can be the healing of yourself, another person, mother
    Your intent can be improvement of an existing relationship or
    attraction of a new one.
    You may wish to (further) develop several qualities in yourself,
    or create an excellent artistic piece.
    You may wish to embrace the inner lover, and establish a stronger
    connection with your higher self.
    You may wish to charge an amulet, talisman, or magical tools,
    Deeply desired wishes create the strongest magick!

    Then create something that makes it possible to laser-like
    concentrate on your goal/intent during the ritual.
    - This can be a short affirmation.
    During the ritual you can repeat the whole affirmation.
    Another possibility is to reduce this affirmation to a word
    that covers its central idea; this will be your magical word.
    Examples: the affirmation "I am a successful business(wo)man"
    becomes "Success".
    "I request the universe to send me the best possible lover,
    or partner" becomes "Lover" or "Partner". The idea behind
    it is that your subconsciousness now knows your full intent,
    therefore it is sufficient to only repeat your magical word
    during the ritual.

    - This can be a visualization of the new created reality.

    - It can be a drawing of what you want.

    - It can be a symbolic representation of your desire, like a suitable tarot card, rune, sigil, astrological or other symbol.

    - In case you do the ritual for someone else it can be

    helpful to also have a photograph of the person.

    - You can use a combination of the above.

  • Prepare your working space.

    Clean the space where the ritual will take place. Decorate it
    with candles, incense, flowers, gemstones or anything else you
    find appropriate. If you use symbols or other pictures make
    sure you can see them during the ritual. If you wish to play
    music, don't forget to put it on the repeat-button. Close the
    door and lay the phone off the hook.

The Kiss, painting by Gustav Klimt

  • Clean your body.

    While bathing or showering you can visualize the water washing
    off all mental, emotional and physical dirt.

  • Relax for a while.

    Take some deep breaths or meditate a little.

    If you do magick with a partner you may want to sit opposite
    each other, hold hands and synchronize breathing or inhale while
    your partner exhales.

  • Do a banishment.

    It is very important to visualize a strong circle/globe of protection
    that keeps all unwanted spirits out, or do any other banishment
    you prefer, before you actually start the ritual.

  • Perform the ritual

    I know two 'main routes': one with emphasis on the affirmation/mantra/Word
    of Power, and one with emphasis on visualization.

    If you choose to work with an affirmation:
    Arouse yourself and/or your partner by any sexual activity
    you wish to use until you almost reach orgasm. Meanwhile keep
    on repeating the affirmation or mantra; you can say it out
    loud or repeat it silently.
    When you are at the brink of orgasm back off by stopping all
    genital stimulation, stopping all pelvic movements and relax
    the muscles in the pelvic floor. Breathe deeply and concentrate
    even more on your mantra. After a while build up more excitement,
    backing off again just before the point-of-no-return. This
    way you build up a great amount of sexual magical energy and
    deep erotic sensations; you may reach a state of sexual trance.
    After several times coming close you wish to sweep all of
    your intent into the universe; let orgasm happen and - here
    comes the most important part - keep on affirming during orgasm
    with full mental concentration, call out loud your magical
    word(s) and don't mind the neighbors!
    Take care: if you lose focus during orgasm, you will have
    had great sex but no magical ritual! Continue the ritual until
    both (or all) partners have reached orgasm.

    If you prefer working with a visualization:
    Start with visualizing very vividly the new reality; see yourself
    in the desired situation, feel your happiness about it, visualize
    it as bright and detailed as you can. If you work for somebody
    else, for instance in case of a healing, visualize their joy
    and enthusiasm in the new situation. When your visualization
    is complete to your idea, tell your mind that this is your
    focus, then mentally store it in your subconsciousness.
    Start making love with your partner or masturbating, no longer
    thinking about the visualization. At the brink of orgasm back
    off, recall your visualization and breathe your orgasmic energy
    in it. Continue the rhythm of arousal and backing off several
    times. Just before orgasm recall the visualization from your
    mind and breathe/channel your orgasm into it.

Circle of Lovers, drawing by Auguste Rodin

Some words about orgasm:

If you are a woman capable of having multiple orgasms (a series
of orgasms quickly after one another), just enjoy, have them
during the ritual and end with the final orgasm.
If you are a man, here's the good news that men can learn to
have multiples too; by coming close then backing off just before
the point-of-no-return several times men can experience all
the feelings of an orgasm without having an ejaculation. Some
men have a series of small orgasms, some men experience them
as bigger orgasms. If you can do this, end the ritual with final
Not all men know that most women need clitoral stimulation to
reach orgasm; although there are erotic areas in the vagina
most women need the pressure of the pubic bone of their partner
against the clitoris or stimulation by hand during intercourse
to have orgasm.

It was not my intent to go deeper into this, but I saw a t.v.program
about the female orgasm explaining that many men don't know
where to locate the clitoris. In fact the clitoris is a tiny
size female penis; it also swells during arousal and it is designed
especially for female pleasure. You will find it where the inner
lips meet at the top, it looks like a small knob and it desires
the same soft caresses with hand (make it moist with some vaginal
fluids), tongue or sucking as the male head of the penis.
Other not so well known female erotic zones are (but not as
sensitive as the clitoris): 1) the G-spot, about 1.5 inches inside
the vagina, on the front side, you'll recognize it by the rougher
texture than the rest of the vagina; when you stimulate this
for a while first the woman often feels like urinating, but
when she's through this feeling this place will become very
sensitive and enable her an orgasm with ejaculation 2) a spot
more or less opposite the G-spot 3) the spot just above the
opening of the urinary tube (just above the vagina).

After orgasm you may wish to confirm your magick
with the words: "So mote it be" and to give thanks to God/the
Goddess and your partner.

It is important to stay close the first minutes after intercourse
with your genitals close together. There are two reasons for

  • When having sex your chakras open up and
    after orgasm you're completely open with part of your energy
    swirling around you. You need some time to recollect it and
    get energized again. If one partner rushes away after orgasm
    you can feel very disappointed, lonely and exhausted because
    of this reason.

  • After sex magick the sexual fluids of man
    and woman are charged with their magical intent; they can
    etherically absorb this power for their well being and health
    through the vaginal walls and the head of the penis.
    It may be clear that when you use a condom it is very unwise
    to stay close together with your genitals. The charged sexual
    fluids can be used to charge an amulet or talisman by smearing
    some of it on them; in case your ritual was for gaining money
    you can smear it on a coin or paper money you had put on your
    altar; you can redraw the lines of a sigil for this ritual
    with it, mix the fluid with wine and drink it with your partner,
    etc. In sex magick the charged sexual fluids have become the
    sacred elixir of life, and are in no way dirty. If however
    you are carrying a sexual transmittable disease it is best
    to skip this part.
    When you are doing sex magick alone please know that your
    sexual fluids form a complete sacrament, although they now
    contain one polarity, not two.

  • End the ritual with a banishment.

    The heightened energy of your ritual may have attracted astral
    beings. Make sure to keep them at a distance by reconfirming
    your banishment, like for instance a visualized circle of protection.

Danae, by Gustav Klimt. The golden stream of Zeus'
sperm between the thighs of the earthly beauty

Spontaneous rituals

Sometimes your hormones are knocking; there is no time to
prepare a ritual but still you wish to direct your sexual energy
into magick. Try this:

- quickly imagine a circle of protection

- imagine two burning candles as representation of any ritual

- dedicate your energy to your spiritual development, with a mantra
like "I open up for my full human potential" or magical word "open
up", or when you're with a partner something like "I honour your
divinity" or magical word "divinity"

- enjoy!

- and reconfirm the circle of protection.

The woman and her Moon

The days before the menstruation a larger amount of hormones circulates
in the female body, not only increasing her emotions but also
her magical power. During menstruation this extra power leaves
her body; this can give an extra dimension to the elixir, but
please be very careful to only use this when the woman is in good
health. After all menstruation is also a natural monthly cleaning
period for her body.
Not all women feel like having sex in this period. But those who
do can feel strongly accepted in all their feminine aspects by
having intercourse these days. Sexual union during the (pre)menstruation
days can often relief the cramps many women experience during
their period.

I have not read it in any book, but it's quite logical that the
day of ovulation is also an extreme powerful day for the woman,
even apart from the fact that she can get pregnant then. It is
her personal full moon - but don't forget the condom, or do oral
sex magick. If however you wish to conceive you can make this
a special happening with a lovingly and carefully prepared sex
magick ritual - and give your baby a very good start.

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