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The Elements of Color Magick

Author: Anja Heij

"Color is the place where our mind and the universe
meet each other."

Paul Cezanne

In magick colors represent a certain energy, goal,
person (someone you're working for) or a non-physical being (deity,
spiritual force).

  • The magickal color meanings highly resemble the psychological

  • Magick uses the metal shades gold, silver and copper/bronze
    as colors too.
    Gold represents the Sun and matters of the Sun, silver the Moon
    and copper/bronze Venus. (more on metals in Metal magick)

  • The elemental forces each have their own color.

    Elemental earth deals with concrete, practical and material
    matters; your physical life on this planet, like jobs, houses,
    real estate, nature, fertility, healing, money, food. Earth-colors
    are dark green, black and brown.

    Elemental fire represents the creative impulse, insights,
    self-assurance and energy to undertake matters; use it for success
    in undertakings, sexual love, strength, courage, sports, to
    win games and solve conflicts in your advantage. Red is the
    right color here.

    Elemental water is about feelings and emotions, atmospheres
    and nurturing; the emotional part of love and relationships/partnerships,
    healing of emotional pain, medicine and treatment, receptivity,
    dreams, fantasy, acting, compassion. Suitable colors are soft
    blue and green.

    Elemental air includes the mind, communication, flexibility
    and alteration; matters like education, counseling, traveling,
    inventing, changing, adapting. Blue tones and yellow are the

    Elemental spirit brings the power of unseen worlds; psychic
    abilities, inspiration, divination, dowsing, channeling, meditation,
    spiritual development. Spirit-colors are white and violet.

Isis, the Egyptian 'mother of all creation', Moon
deity, goddess of love, healing and magickal spells


Always burn at least one white candle to symbolize and reinforce
the contact with pure spirit. Elemental spirit. Angels.
Gods of wisdom, divination and prophecy.
Purification and cleaning on all levels, contact with higher
self and spiritual helpers, (inner) peace, aura-healing,
truth seeking, consecration, spiritual enlightenment, protection
against negativity by raising your vibration, breaking curses,
exorcism, meditation, divination, inspiration, clairvoyance,
invoking spirits White can be a replacement for any other
color your magick requires.

Elemental air. Deities for trade, travel, knowledge and

Life-force, vitality, change, progress, contact, communication,
trade, commerce, to persuade with confidence, joy, cheerfulness,
learning, knowledge, mental clarity, concentration, memorizing,
tests, speaking and writing, traveling, affirmation, visualization.
(Can be replaced by yellow)
Absolute authority, (self)confidence, creativity, perfection,
solar energies, male energy, financial richness, investments,
luxury, winning, worldly power, magickal power, overcoming
bad habits/addictions.

Deities of good luck and fortune.
Attraction, charm, kindness, encouragement, stimulation,
optimism, success, abundance, prosperity, feast and celebration,
energy, achieving business-goals, investments, success
in legal matters.

Love and passion, for positive relationships in love, friendship
and business, career promotions, negotiations.
Elemental fire.
Deities of love, passion, sexuality and war (to stimulate
a healthy portion of assertivity).
Great energy, courage, will-power, determination, speed,
assertivity, aggression, masculinity, independence, physical
strength, sports, competition, conflicts, health, sexual
attraction and potency, love and passion, fertility.

(Can be replaced by the combination of red and violet)

Magnetism, to attract or speed up things, extra power,
when immediate action and great spiritual power are needed,
life purpose, life path.

Softness and tenderness, romance, caring, nurturing, for
children, youth, peace, friendship, femininity, emotional
love, emotional healing.

Elemental earth (dark green) and elemental water (blue-green).

Nature- and fertility-deities. Mother-goddesses.
Nature, fertility, growth, rejuvenation, recovering, healing,
harvest and abundance, prosperity, harmony, balance, peace,
hope, mother earth, home, herbal magick, plants and animals,
counteract greed and jealousy.

(Can be replaced by yellow for the intellectual part, and
green/copper for the social part)
Alterations, intellectual and intuitive insights, technique,
inventions, originality, renewal, brotherhood, humanism.
Elemental water and elemental air.
Deities of the sea, truth and wisdom.
Peace and tranquility, calmness, truth, wisdom, justice,
counsel, guidance, understanding, patience, loyalty and
honor, sincerity, devotion, healing, femininity, prophetic
dreams, protection during sleep, astral projection. .

Elemental spirit.
Gods of divination and prophecy. Angels.
Psychic abilities, divination, counter-acting negativity/black
magick, reversing curses, psychic healing, psychic power,
inspiration, meditation, spirituality, spiritual power,
astral projection, third eye, compassion, counter-acting

Elemental earth.
The planet-spirit Saturn.
Stability, grounding, conservation, protection of household,
family and pets, healing animals, finding lost objects,
material constructions (buildings etc.), material increase,
to make relationships solid, to increase decisiveness
and concentration, attracting help in financial crisis.

Neutralizing negative influences,
erasing or canceling situations, causing stalemates

Silver .
(can be replaced by white or grey, depending on your magickal
Female energy, cycles, rebirth, reincarnation, healing of
hormonal imbalances, emotional stability, remove or neutralize
negativity, intuition, dreams, psychic abilities and psychic

Elemental earth.
Deities of the underworld.
Repel/banish evil and negativity, protection, banishing,
binding, breaking free from bad habits/addictions, deep
meditation, opens up deep unconscious levels.

As you will notice some subjects are mentioned
under several colors. Making your goal specific will help to
choose the right color. For example: you wish to do a ritual
for love. If your goal is passionate and sexual love: choose
red; if your goal is soft love, like mother-child love, or friendship:
take pink; if you strive for unconditional love: take white.

This scheme is based on traditional color use, but it is not
written in stone. Your intuition is still the best source in
picking colors.

Astarte, Phoenician goddess of love and

Magickal use of colors

  • Select appropriate colors for the altar setting
    of a ritual. An altar cloth in a certain color, colored paper
    as background, gemstones in suitable colors, flowers in a
    specific color, a vase and candlesticks in a certain color/material,
    the colors of your clothes, etc…Use your creativity and start
    focusing on your magickal desire while preparing your ritual.

  • Burn colored candles. (also see Candle

  • Draw your sigils, talismans and symbols in
    specific colors.

  • Write down your prayers, affirmations, invocations
    with color pencils.

  • Visualize colored light. First visualize white
    light in and around you, purifying/protecting you and your
    sacred space. Next imagine yourself being filled up with the
    desired color (or colors, one by one), entering you through
    your crown chakra. Then breathe or direct this colored energy
    into your visualized magickal goal. Repeat this until it feels
    sufficient. Finish with again bringing white light in and
    around you.

  • Another way of using colored light: start
    the ritual with visualizing white light first, followed by
    light in the color you need; perform your ritual, and when
    it's time to send the energy into your goal: send it into
    a beam of colored light.

  • When working for persons it can be very helpful
    to have their photograph, or piece of paper with their full
    address, in a colored envelope or colored bag or so. During
    the ritual you take the photograph - or address - out of the
    envelope and hold it between your hands, meanwhile visualizing
    the colored light entering the person. After the ritual put
    the photograph back in the envelope and leave it on your altar,
    allowing it to absorb more colored energy. (Do the ritual
    on 3 successive days and leave the envelope there for another
    7 days, or 21 days in serious cases.)

  • Colors have healing qualities

  • Last but not least: you can influence the
    atmosphere in your surroundings by conscious color use.