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Basic Candle Magick

Author: Anja Heij

Burning a candle has something magical; our unconsciousness
recognizes the connection between earth and infinite creative
heaven symbolized by the burning candle. No electric lamp can
ever beat a simple candle when it comes to bringing a warm and
cosy atmosphere in which we feel at home.
Burning a candle for a beloved one in a church with a wish is
a simple form of magick.
Blowing out the candles on a birthday cake while making a wish
in fact is candle magick.
You may want to put a white candle at the positions north, east,
south and west in the magickal circle.
Or you may wish to position five candles in the form of a pentagram.

Candle magick works like this:

  • Choose one or more candles in the color(s) appropriate to
    your magickal goal. ( See Color magick

  • Your candles have to be virgin, what means not used before.
    This is important, because used candles carry the energies of
    former use with them, what may disturb or diminish the effectiveness
    of your present ritual. Always use new candles for a ritual,
    even if you do two rituals of the same kind after one another,
    for instance a healing for person A and for person B. But if
    your ritual needs to be repeated several days then of course
    you can use the same candles for the same type ritual for the
    same person during successive days.

  • Now you have to charge the candle for your purpose. By charging
    it you bring your own energies and magickal desires into the
    candle. By charging it you also mentally start the process of
    focusing on your goal and physically make contact with the representation
    of your aim. You make a psychic link with the candle. You charge
    the candle(s) by:

    1.Carving the name of the person or your goal in it with a small
    knife. Do this concentrated.

    2. You anoint it, what means that you rub it in with oil while
    visualizing your spell. This is also called 'dressing' the candle.
    You can dress the candle with pure olive oil or a suitable essential
    oil. In any magick that is 'calling' (attracting things, like
    money, health, love) you rub the oil from the top of the candle
    to the base. In 'banishing' magick (getting rid of things, like
    negative influences, addictions) you rub the oil from the base
    of the candle to the top.

  • Put the candle in the holder and light it. Visualize your
    goal for as long as you can, or recite affirmations (one world
    or a sentence) for a time. Then put the candle out. Repeat this
    for several days, at least three, until you get results. Then
    let the candle burn all the way out.

  • Another way of working is this: don't carve your message in
    the candle, but write it on a piece of paper while visualizing
    your goal, and burn it completely in the candle flame. Be careful:
    put the candlestick into a larger plate or chalice for this
    goal, for I know this will most of the time become a mess. While
    burning it concentrate completely on your goal. Then let the
    candle burn all the way out. (You don't need to stay around,
    but be careful: it is fire!)

  • Always burn a white candle too, as purification and protection
    against negativity. This is your altar candle, which can be
    used any ritual until it is burned away. So in candle magick
    there will always be at least two candles: one altar candle
    and one anointed ritual candle.

Candle magick can be combined with other color magick, sex magick
or other forms of magick.

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