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Author: Anja Heij

Planet: Mercury

Signs: Gemini and Virgo

Day: Wednesday

The quickest planet of our solar system is represented
by the silvery and liquid metal mercury, also known as quick-silver.
Drops of Mercury react on any outside influence (like heat and
cold: the thermometer!), divide themselves into smaller drops,
come together forming bigger drops, and make alloys with most
other metals. The god Mercury with his winged feet is known as
the messenger of the gods; he symbolizes contact, communication,
any transportation, flow, swiftness, playfulness and flexibility.
Gemini symbolizes the communicative aspect of Mercury; Virgo brings
a process to fruition by carefully attending Mercury's details.
According to medical astrology Mercury rules the blood circulation,
the breath, transfer of nervous signals, thinking processes, lungs,
arms and hands, the senses as organs of communication.

Magickal use of mercury:

  • Pure mercury is a highly poisonous and devastating substance!!!
    It is best replaced by silver.

  • Mercurial rituals and spells deal with communication, trade,
    commerce, transport, progress, change, travel, mental clarity,
    learning, thinking, memorizing, tests, writing and speaking,
    persuading with confidence.

A safe way of using Mercury is in one of the homeopathic forms.
is not a medicine for self-medication!

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