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taurus and libra, copper pans, goddess venus, metal copper


Author: Anja Heij

Planet: Venus

Sign: Taurus and Libra

Day: Friday

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, art, balance,
harmony and peace.

Venus is the planet with the lowest rotation. The character of
the planet and goddess Venus is passive, receptive, magnetic,
feminine, relating, adaptation to the other one, kindness and
gentleness, enjoyment. Taurus represents the sensual part of Venus,
while Libra is focused on relating/connecting persons and subjects.

Medical astrology calls the skin, the kidneys, de veins and the
pancreas Venusian body-parts. The female body needs more copper
during pregnancy.
The metal copper has a great connecting power: it easily combines
with other metals and it easily transfers warmth and electricity
(think of the copper in electricity wires).

Magickal use of copper:

  • Use copper in rituals, spells and amulets to promote love,
    sensuality, friendship, positive relationships of any kind,
    negotiations and peace.

  • To support the Venusian body-parts consume food which contains
    much copper, like lettuce, apricots, apples, tomatoes, nuts,
    shell-fish, peas and beans, wheat and corn.

Warning: do NOT cook in copper pans, because alliances of
the copper with the food can produce highly poisonous results!

Homeopathy uses copper under the name