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capricorn day, breaking bad habits, distant planets, planet saturn


Author: Anja Heij

Planet: Saturn

Sign: Capricorn

Day: Saturday


Saturn is the planet with the beautiful rings; this
points at the organized and strict character of this planet-spirit.
Saturn is the last (personal) planet that can be seen with the
bare eye; for more distant planets we need a telescope (the transpersonal
planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto); again this points at a boundary.

The Greek name for Saturn is Chronos, father time, the man with
the scythe. Myths tell us that after death the soul is put on
a scale, and of course the weights of the scale are made from lead,
the metal that carries Saturn's heaviness and seriousness.

Saturn's sign Capricorn is the tenacious goat who will persistently
and patiently move forward to reach great heights. In the body
Saturn of course rules the skeleton, coldness, dryness and hardening
(like arteriosclerosis, gall-stones) and depression.

Magickal use of lead:

  • use lead in rituals, spells and amulets to promote contact
    with deep unconscious levels (the underworld), deep meditation,
    banishing negativity, breaking bad habits and addictions, protection,
    stability, grounding, solidity, perseverance, decisiveness,
    concentration, conservation, and material constructions (buildings,

Warning: do not wear lead directly on your skin, do not inhale
it regularly (paint often contains lead!) and do NOT drink water
that has been in contact with lead, for this metal is poisonous.

The homeopathic name of lead is Plumbum