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Author: Anja Heij

Planet: Uranus

Sign: Aquarius

Uranus is the only planet with a divergent rotation
axis; in astrology Uranus is connected with renewal, moderation,
revolution, originality, progressivity. The god of heaven and
cosmos Uranus granted man the divine flame (electricity, intuition,
sudden insights) and the feeling for cosmic rhythms. In fact Uranus
gave man cosmic consciousness, and in the realization of each
and everyone having a divine core…freedom, equality and brotherhood
were born. Aquarian people connect with like-minded people no
matter their background or differences, and they are led by their
intuition instead of outward authority. Aquarians are quick-witted
with a lot of (electric) brain activity, like inventors, advanced

Medical astrology places the potential and the rhythmical processes
of the nervous system under Uranus. Zinc as metal was discovered
in the same timeframe Uranus was discovered. Everyone (equality!)
could buy objects of this material because of its low price.

Magickal use of zinc:

  • Use zinc in rituals, spells and amulets promoting originality,
    relying on flashes of insight, renewal, inventions, advanced
    technics (computer, space-ships), cooperation within a like-minded
    group, humanism, freedom, moving out of stress.

  • A zinc pendant or little zinc plate on a necklace - or
    a zinc supplement - can calm down a surplus of electricity.
    Possible symptoms are: nervous stress, restless legs, nervous
    asthma, hyperventilation, stammering, nervous heart complaints,
    epilepsy, cramps, agitation.

  • For the same reason eat food with a lot of zinc, like
    whole grains, fish, meat, eggs, nuts and beans.

  • Or drink water in which a piece of zinc has been laid for
    6 to 24 hours.

Homeopathy works with the remedy

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