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subtle senses, planet neptune, sign pisces, aluminum pans


Author: Anja Heij

Planet: Neptune

Sign: Pisces

A strange characteristic of Neptune is that this
gassy planet radiates trice as much warmth as it receives from
the Sun; the planet gives himself away, analogous to the compassionate
and self-sacrificing nature of Pisces. Lord Neptune rules the
sea, the waters of emotion. According to Neptune's temper the
sea is calm or wild (the alternating moods of Pisces). The formless
flowing of the sea matches Pisces, traveling between astral worlds
and physical reality.

Aluminum is a very light material; earthly gravity hardly has
hold on it. The material is highly transformable, just like Pisces
with their feeling for drama and merging of fantasy and reality.

In medical astrology Neptune rules the subtle senses (like clairvoyance),
unclear diseases with an unclear course, and the feet (problems
with 'grounding').

Magickal use of aluminum:

  • Use aluminum in rituals, spells and amulets to promote
    compassion, unconditional love, high spirituality, development
    of psychic abilities, inspiration, visions, mysticism, divination.
    I consider aluminum a magickal sister of silver.

Warning: aluminum does NOT belong in the body! Cooking in
aluminum pans is related to Alzheimer disease!

Homeopathic aluminum is called

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