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Clairvoyant Observations of Reiki

Author: Anja Heij

The last twenty years the healing form named Reiki has been spreading rapidly.
There are good reasons for its popularity: during some short courses you’ll get the initiations, symbols and simple instructions that are necessary to practice this gentle form of healing, or even teach it others. After the initiation all you need to do is placing your hands on a person, animal, plant, etc. Your hands will then send out healing energy, usually experienced as warmth.

Now what exactly is Reiki?
It is the Japanese name for universal life-force, also known as Ki or Chi, the subtle energy which enlivens all beings. So in itself Reiki is nothing special. We instinctively put our hands on an injured body part; mothers will kiss or put their hand on a sore body part of their children; animals lick their wounds. These are all forms of natural Reiki: sending energy and loving attention to a place that needs to be healed.
For greater, more effective healing however it is very useful to pass on a more powerful beam of energy, and this is where the healing form Reiki comes in.

The mysterious thing in Reiki courses is the attunement process.
This is a short ceremony in which the Reiki master/teacher acts as a channel to lift up your spiritual frequency, what enables you to open up much more for universal light energy.
Reiki masters of course know and feel that they are executing a sacred process, but nobody knows what is actually happening during an initiation; something magical is happening on the spiritual, non-physical plane.
And therefore I decided to ask a clairvoyant colleague with more than 30 years experience, and working both with Reiki and mesmerism, after her insights.

This beautiful woman explained me that the Reiki energy enters the body of the master/teacher at the chakra at the base of the skull, just above the neck. Through this chakra the divine cosmic energy streams through and connects with our physical existence. A connection between heaven and earth is made through emerald green colored energy.
As a result the first etheric layer of both the initiator and the one who gets initiated become open. This first etheric layer is our egg-shell; it can be seen as a thin grey line against a white background (try it by putting your hand above a white sheet of paper). Opening your egg-shell means that you truly open up for the other person, no longer holding back or defending yourself, or regarding yourself as a separate being.
Both the auric fields of the initiator and the initiated one become bigger. The Reiki energy rolls in like waves from the skull chakra of the master into both auric fields.

My clairvoyant colleague next told me what she sees during Reiki healings:
The first etheric layer of the healer and healee become open, their auric fields become bigger and merge. Both auric fields beautifully come together in some sort of womb form. The healer takes the role of compassionate universal mother and has a great sense of “we (the healer and higher forces) are allowed to give, to grant”, where the healee like the universal child feels “I may have, receive, enjoy this.”
Again the Reiki energy comes in waves through the skull chakra of the healer; first it is green and later on the energy changes into cobalt blue. The Reiki spreads through both auric fields, enabling the healer to sense what healing is needed and where to place his hands, and then the energy goes to the places that need healing.

And herewith the following quote from A Course in Miracles becomes very logical:
“When I am healed, I am not healed alone.”
By giving a Reiki treatment the healer him/herself receives healing too since the energy first passes through the body of the healer, and through merging of the auric fields the healer and healee for a short time become one.
The universe works in wondrous and simple ways.

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