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How to Use Bach Flower Remedies

Author: Anja Heij

Selecting the remedies

Select the remedies through the classical interview technique.
Find out in a clear and honest conversation:

  • what type the person is (for instance: easily frightened,
    or servile, or intolerant)

  • what his/her emotions and concerns are at this very moment
    (for instance: grief about a lost love).

If you choose the remedies for yourself, be honest and accepting
towards yourself and ask yourself the above mentioned questions.
The character and emotions of a person lead to the choice
of remedies needed. It can be a single remedy, but most likely
you need a combination. Do not select more than 6 or 7 remedies
at the same time.

Of course it is also possible to select the remedies by use
of your intuition, a pendulum or kiniesology, but these methods
don't work better than an open conversation.

Sometimes it seems that you need many more than
6 or 7 remedies. In that case it is time to start with an
"opener". Openers are:

  • - Holly, for the more expressive , active
    and emotional types

  • - Wild Oat, for the weaker, discouraged people.

In case a treatment does not sort the wished effect:

  • you need more time to get result (in many cases you get
    great effect in a month, but in deep-rooted problems already
    existing for years you may need a year or longer to solve
    the whole case)

  • you chose the wrong remedies

  • an old shock (perhaps already forgotten) may block the
    healing process. Give Star of Bethlehem, or add it to your

  • try Holly or Wild Oat as an opener (see the above paragraph).

Do not worry to much about a wrong chosen remedy (apart from
the fact that is does not improve the situation): it simply
won't work, but it will never be harmful.

Preparing and taking the remedies

From the stock bottles you dilute four drops of each remedy
that you need, or 8 drops in case you need the Rescue Remedy,
into a 30 ml. dropper bottle (get it at your chemist's shop)
and top it up with mineral water. (Officially the prescription
is two drops of each remedy and 4 of the Rescue Remedy, but
due to the large pollution on this planet many therapists
nowadays advice to take 4 drops in stead of 2, and 8 of the
Rescue Remedy since that is a composite remedy).

From this 30 ml. dropper bottle, take at least 4 drops 4
times a day. In case you feel you need more, simply take more.
It is impossible to get an overdose. Take these drops in some
water or any other liquid. If you are worried about the alcohol
they contain (the remedies in the stock bottles are preserved
in brandy), take your remedy in a boiling liquid, which will
evaporate most of the alcohol.

It is also possible to put 4 drops of the needed remedy
into a glass of water and take small sips of it during the
If people have fainted or are in coma, sprinkle some of the
remedy on their lips, inside their mouth, on their temples
or their wrists.
In case of serious skin-affections not only take the drops
internally, but also put some of them in your bathing-water.

Babies that are breast-fed do not have to take the remedies
by themselves; their mother can take them for them and pass
them on through the mother's milk.

Normally a 30 ml. dropper bottle will last for two or three
weeks. If you keep it cool, preferably in the refrigerator,
then the water will stay fresh during that time. But in case
you do not keep the bottle cool - if you keep it in your pocket
all the time, or if you live in a warm climate- then it is
a good idea to add a teaspoon of brandy, or some cider vinegar,
or apple vinegar (for children) to stop the water from going

Just for humans?

No, also animals and plants can highly benefit from the Bach


Choose the remedies according to their character and emotions,
as you would do for human beings. Add the remedy in their
drinking water, 2 drops a day for a small animals, . 4 drops
for a cat or little dog, 6 drops a day for a big dog or a
horse. The Rescue Remedy for instance will help a lot of pets
to get accustomed to their new home.


  • give Rescue Remedy after transplanting

  • use Crab Apple if the plants are suffering from vermin
    or a disease

  • think of Olive if the plants are weak, or after heavy weather-conditions.

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