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bach flower remedies, fear of darkness, feelings of fear, agrimonia eupatoria

Description of the Bach Remedies

Author: Anja Heij

Bach Flower Remedies

1. AGRIMONY (Agrimonia eupatoria)

- problems hidden behind light-heartedness -

This is the "Keep-smiling!" - remedy: it is for people who
hide their fears, grief and worries under a mask of cheerfulness,
friendliness and humor. They don't talk about their problems,
and they hate quarrels. They search relief of their inner
pain in the company of others, in smoking, drinking or other
addictions. At night they are often sleepless because of their

2. ASPEN (Populus tremula)

- fear and anxiety of unknown things -

Aspen helps in feelings of fear and uneasiness without a
specific reason, for instance the idea that something terrible
is going to happen, or the fear of darkness. It is a good
remedy for the frightful feelings that remain after a nightmare.
Aspen is needed in case of fear for the un-known and un-explicable
that suddenly falls upon you, causing nervous complaints or
even panic.

3. BEECH (Fagus sylvatica)

- intolerance -

Beech is needed in over-critical intolerant people who cannot
accept that everyone follows a different path and lives his
life in his own way. Beech-personalities are very judgmental,
prejudiced and arrogant. They consider their point of view
to be superior, and they are unable to admit their own mistakes
and shortcomings.

4. CENTAURY (Centaurium umbellatum)

- weakness of will, compliance -

This remedy is for the soft characters who cannot say "No".
These are very gentle, helpful people who often sacrifice
their own desires, or even years of their lives, in order
to serve and satisfy others. Their goodness is often abused
by demanding and possessive personalities.

5. CERATO (Ceratostigma Willmottiana)

- Denying your intuition, self-doubt -

Cerato is for people who do not trust their own decisions
and judgements. They actually know what is good for them,
but they don't listen to their inner wisdom and intuition.
Instead they constantly ask for and follow advices from others.
They seek approval of their actions by other people.

6. CHERRY PLUM (Prunus cerasifera)

- Fear to lose your mind and control -

Take Cherry Plum in case you fear you will lose your mind
or self-control. It is a remedy for very tensed people at
the edge of a nervous breakdown. There can be a heavy depression
in which they consider suicide. The remedy also helps in heavy
emotional outbursts of aggression, hysteria and fits of temper,
where people fear to lose control and hurt or kill others
or themselves. Cherry Plum also solves the fear of becoming

7 CHESTNUT BUD (Aesculus hippocastanum)

- not learning from experiences or mistakes -

This remedy is for people who make the same mistakes all
over and over, who do not learn from their repeated errors
or difficulties. Chestnud Bud helps children who learn slowly
as well as grown-ups who stick to the same behavior or actions,
although it causes them problems or physical complaints. For
these people it is difficult to understand the connection
between their actions and the results.

8. CHICORY (Cichorium intybus)

- emotional possessiveness -

A remedy needed in case of possessive, demanding, manipulative
and conditional love. "I will love you, if…." These people
try to tie you with their cares, attention and - as they say
- well-meant criticism in order to receive your sympathy,
gratefulness and company. They need it to be needed, and they
are easily offended and filled with self-pity in case you
don't obey them. This is also a good remedy for children demanding
unreasonable much attention.

9. CLEMATIS (Clematis vitalba)

- dreaminess, absent-mindedness -

Clematis-people withdraw in their own world of dreams and
fantasies. They show little interest in everyday life. They
are absent-minded, they lack concentration and have a bad
memory. They prefer to be alone with their daydreams instead
of actually improving their present state. They need a lot
of sleep and are still sleepy overday. Clematis can be used
in cases of fainting or coma (In those cases: sprinkle the
remedy on the lips of the patient). It is also helpful when
you feel light in your head, when you do not feel completely

10 CRAB APPLE (Malus pumila)

- feeling impure, self-hatred -

For people who have the feeling of being impure or dirty;
this can be a physical feeling, for instance because of eczema,
but also an emotion or a mental idea of impurity, like hating
yourself for your "dirty" thoughts or desires. These people
exaggerate in cleaning themselves or their houses. They over-attent
small details that might make the whole imperfect. Crab Apple-characters
will do everything to free themselves of what they consider
to be impure.

11 ELM (Ulmus procera)

- sudden feelings of incapability -

Elm is a good remedy for the feeling of not being able to
handle and manage all your responsibilities. This is a temporary
phase in the lives of capable and responsible persons, who's
workload is too high. They spend too little time on themselves,
loose their inner trust and self-confidence.

12 GENTIAN (Gentiana amarella)

- easy discouragement and pessimism -

These people feel a very strong doubt about everything and
everybody. They are very skeptical and pessimistic. They easily
get depressed or discouraged about a situation.

13 GORSE (Ulex europoeus)

- hopelessness, despair -

Take Gorse in case of extreme hopelessness and desperation.
For people who have actually given up. To do you a favour
they might try another therapy, but actually they do not believe
that anything can help them anymore, only 'a miracle' might
bring relief, they think.

14 HEATHER (Calluna vulgaris)

- egocentrism -

"I talk therefore I exist". People clinging to everybody
who is willing to listen in order to get attention. Very good
talkers but very bad listeners. These people are unable to
be alone and they will constantly search for company. They
consider themselves very important and exaggerate their problems.

15 HOLLY (Ilex aquifolium)

- hatred, jealousy, suspicion -

The cure for thoughts of envy, jealousy, hatred, intense anger,
revenge and suspicion. Often these people have known little
love and therefore they have closed their heart for the outside
world. They suffer inside.

16 HONEYSUCKLE (Lonicera caprifolium)

- living in the past, longing for the past -

For people who tend to live in the past or to hold on to
the past, for instance after the loss of a partner or a pleasant
job. They find it difficult to work through that past and
let it go; they do not expect good things from the present
or future. This is also a good remedy for homesickness and

17 HORNBEAM (Carpinus betulus)

- mental fatigue -

For mental exhaustion with at the same time physical inactivity,
for instance months of studying, resulting in a disturbance
of energy-flows. These people have a "heavy head" and feel
mentally slow. They think they lack the strength to get through
the day, but once they start they can do it. Once these people
break free from their daily routine (they are often bored
with it) and do something totally different, their complaints

18 IMPATIENS (Impatiens glandulifera)

- impatience, irritability, mental tension -

The name of the plant reveals already that this is a remedy
for impatient persons. They are quick themselves and want
everything to be done quickly and if not so, they get irritated
and nervous. They hate wasting time and prefer to work alone
- in their own pace.

19 LARCH (Larix decidua)

- lack of self-confidence, fear of failure -

Larch-types are convinced that they are incapable of something
- they don't even try it. They have a very deep fear of failure,
arising from a lack of self-confidence or a minority-complex.
They show no jealousy of the successes of people who do take
their change.

20 MIMULUS (Mimulus guttatus)

- any fear with a known cause -

Mimulus helps against specific fears or fobias with a known
cause, like fear for the doctor or dentist, fear of pain or
disease, certain animals, speaking in public, human beings,
etc. These people do not easily talk about their fears.

21 MUSTARD (Sinapis arvensis)

- deep feelings of depression without a specific cause

Mustard is for the sudden heavy feelings of depression and
desperate melancholy that fall upon you without any reason.
Suddenly the person is 'caught' in a thick black cloud of
severe depression, and it is impossible to escape from it
or to find a rational explanation for it. All he can do is
wait until these dark feelings disappear spontaneously. There
is fear of these uncontrollable suddenly appearing and disappearing
dark emotional states.

22 OAK (Quercus robur)

- exhausted but keeps on struggling -

Oak is for strong, courageous, dutiful and responsible characters
with a lot of persistence and will-power, who are always fighting
to make something out of their lives or to overcome a disease.
Although exhausted they will never give up; they always keep
their hopes and ideals high and will try out anything in order
to succeed. They enjoy helping others. They hate it if they
are not able to reach their expectations or to fulfill their

23 OLIVE (Olea europaea)

- total exhaustion, inner emptiness -

The remedy for total exhaustion, physical as well as mental;
no reserves are left. This medicine is for people who suffered
a long time from a disease or who lost all their energy under
stressful or hostile circumstances. There is complete loss
of vitality and interest. They need a lot of sleep.

24 PINE (Pinus sylvestris)

- heavy feelings of guilt -

For all persistent feelings of guilt: because of doing the
wrong things, because of considering yourself incapable, because
of existing in this world (please God, forgive me for being
born!), because of actions of others for whom you consider
yourself responsible, because of enjoying sex, etc. These
people often apologize themselves. They feel easily accused
and they easily accuse themselves. They assume that they don't
deserve goodness.

25 RED CHESTNUT (Aesculus carnea)

- over-anxiety concerning others -

Exaggerated anxiety and worries for the safety and wellbeing
of loved ones askes for Red Chestnut. Those people always
fear that something might go wrong for the ones they care
about. They worry about the problems of others.

26 ROCK ROSE (Helianthemum nummularium)

- deep fright and panic -

For the suddenly escalating deep fright and panic as a result
of acute threatening circumstances, for instance a hurricane,
volcanic eruption, sudden life-threatening disease, traffic-accident,
assault, bombardment. This is the deep fear that makes your
heart stand still and your blood freeze in your veins. The
panic takes over, making it impossible to think clearly or
to act adequately. This condition can also arise from long
drug-usage or heavy frightful nightmares.


- severeness towards oneself, rigidity -

Rock Water helps those who are too severe for themselves
as a result of their high moral and ethical standards in their
search for perfection. In itself it is very good if you pay
attention to your ideals and a healthy body, but: if you become
fanatic, denying yourself the pleasures of life or if your
ideas become rigid, then you drive it too far. Besides you
will disappoint yourself if your life-principles are too high
or too time-consuming.

28 SCLERANTHUS (Scleranthus annuus)

- torn between two possibilities, two opposite moods or
emotions -

If you cannot choose between two options or opinions: today
A seems favorable, tomorrow B, the next day you come back
to possibility A, and this irresolution goes on and on, then
it is time to take Scleranthus. Also an everchanging mood
from sad to glad to sad can point at the need for Scleranthus.
Or everchanging physical symptoms or a strong alternation
between energy and listlessness. The inner instability can
also show itself as travel-disease.

29 STAR OF BETHLEHEM (Ornithogalum umbellatum)

- for all reactions on a shock or trauma -

A very healing remedy for all results of a shock, mental
or physical. It does not matter whether the shock took place:
years ago (or even at your birth) or yesterday. When a psychological
shock is not worked through, not energetically solved, it
can result in some kind of inner stupor /stupefaction or in
physical complaints, for instance hysterical symptoms like
not being able to walk-see-hear since a traumatic event or
bad news. But in fact a shock can work out in all kinds of
physical illness. Often therapy-resistent cases require Star
of Bethlehem, because a forgotten trauma/shock blocks the
healing process.

30 SWEET CHESTNUT (Castanea sativa)

- utmost mental desperation, cannot take anymore, anything
is tried and no hope is left -

Sweet Chestnut is for the complete desperation of people
who think that they cannot take anymore. The barriers of the
load they psychologically can take is reached. They fought
very hard, but everything failed and now they feel they are
standing with their back against the wall. There is no past
and no future, only a very dark and hopeless present. There
is unbearable grief and suffering and the feeling that everyone
- even God - has left them.

31 VERVAIN (Verbena officinalis)

- too much enthusiasm -

Vervain is for the excessive enthusiasm and dedication to
a certain task in people with a strong willpower and strong
principles. They are convinced that they are right, they give
everything for the realization of their goal, are willing
to fight for it, they feel they have a mission to fulfill.
Like missionaries they tried to convert you to their point
of view. It are tensed people, unable to relax, overstraining
themselves for the good cause. They are sensitive to injustice.

32 VINE (Vitis vinifera)

- dominance, tyranny -

Strong, determined characters who insist and demand absolute
obedience of those around them. Usually very capable, ambitious
people with a strong need to dominate and rule. They assume
that their point of view is the right one and they do not accept
any contradiction or opposition. Strong Vine-characters can
be hard, heartless, aggressive and tyrannical.

33 WALNUT (Juglans regia)

- protection against outside influences, helps to break
old bonds -

Walnut-energy helps you to remain on your path during important
changes in your life. At the beginning of a new life-phase
we are more sensitive and less balanced than usual, what makes
us more receptive for unwanted influences from the past, like
old beliefs - attitudes - traditions - conventions - outgrown
relationships - outdated opinions - the opinions of others.
Walnut helps to break free from old ties and to move forward
unhindered into a new beginning. Examples of such radical
changes that may ask for Walnut: change of profession, divorce,
removal, emigration, puberty, pregnancy, breaking with an
addiction or a religion, coming through of teeth.

34 WATER VIOLET (Hottonia palustris)

- reserve, keeping distance -

Calm, independent people who withdraw in reserve and in being
alone. They prefer to solve their own problems and wish to
be left alone. It are tolerant persons with some serene, graceful
impersonality; they are the soft wise counselors behind the
screens. If they tend to loose contact with their fellow-men
and feel the need to withdraw completely, then it is time
to take Water Violet. They can feel superior because of their
capabilities, inner calm and wisdom.

35 WHITE CHESTNUT (Aesculus hippocastanum)

- repeated, unstoppable thoughts -

This is a good remedy for the unstoppable conversations in
your head, for the repeated negative thoughts that cannot
be stopped, for the unwanted train of thoughts and ideas that
keep on spinning in your mind. It is the feeling of being
ruled and imprisoned by your thoughts.

36 WILD OAT (Bromus ramosus)

- insecurity about one's life-path, aimlessness -

This remedy is for people who are unable to choose from all
the possibilities life offers them. They don't know what to
do, what makes them discouraged, insecure and unsatisfied.
They are ambitious, capable and they want to do something
meaningful and important with their lives, but what? That's
the big problem. They move from activity to activity, from
job to job, without finding a satisfying task or goal in their
lives. Wild Oat is also the right remedy for people who inadequately
tried to handle too many things at the same time.

37 WILD ROSE (Rosa canina)

- apathy -

Passive resignation in a situation asks for Wild Rose. "You
have to live with it." "It's too late to.." …If you believe
this kind of sentences,, if you apathically give up, take
Wild Rose. Usually the situation of these people is not as
hopeless as they assume, but they don't attempt anything to
change their lives for the better. They feel tired and listless.

38 WILLOW (Salix vitellina)

- bitterness, self-pity -

For people who feel bitterness and rancour towards life,
who find that fate treats them badly, who find that they do
not deserve what is happening to them. They feel victimized.
These people do not take responsibility for their lives, but
assume that something bad from outside is punishing them,
their circumstances must be somebody else his fault. Willow-characters
feel bitterness, depression and hatred. They cannot accept
the success and happiness of others.


- first-aid remedy -

The Rescue Remedy is fantastic in emergencies, crises, stress-situations
and difficult situations in your life, like a death, accident,
sudden bad news, seeing a dentist, passing an examination.
The Rescue Remedy works against the fear, shock, stress, panic
or unconsciousness that accompany these situations, and it
stimulates the natural healing process. This remedy is combined
of Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and
Clematis. Take it immediately after a stressful situation
or in anticipation on one, for instance an application.


Contains the same remedies as above, plus Crab Apple. A good
cream for all kinds of skin-affections, burns, sunburn, cramps,
cuts and sprains.

Dr. Bach states that these 38 remedies cover the whole spectre
of human emotional experiences, when used in combination.
Every human being is a universe, containing all possibilities.
So please accept that from time to time you will find yourself
in the negative emotional state(s) you hate to recognize in
yourself. The good news is that - with the Bach Remedies -
you are able to transform a negative emotional state into
a positive one; like yin-yang you can change hatred into greatness
of heart, fear into courage, aggressive dominance into tolerance,
tension into calm.

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