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Buddha and Reiki: A Personal Experience

Author: Anja Heij

The Buddha and Reiki are in a beautiful way related in my life. Perhaps not so amazing, since the man who discovered Reiki, Mikao Usui, was a Japanese Buddhist.

About three years ago I bought a bronze with gold plated Buddha statue in Ladakh. It sits on my altar on a heavy marble socle, surrounded by other religious objects. I worked on free information for the web site. A friend told me that I should ask money for my work, but I chose to first show people my way of approaching subjects for free; in a later phase I wanted to implement Reiki courses on payment.

For months my Buddha statue moved one millimeter each day to the right side, and after some weeks I had to put it back in the middle of the socle, else it would have dropped off. Of course I checked it a hundred times and did I try to come up with a logical explanation. Fact is that the bronze Buddha is too heavy to be moved by a draught of air or an involuntary movement made by me walking by. I have to admit that I do not dust too often; therefore I could check that the other objects on my altar did not move.

"This is a message" my clairvoyant friend stated. Yes, that was clear enough, but what was the message? She could not tell.
I made a number of informative articles on Reiki. Then I started working on the manual which should become part of my Reiki courses; the first item I would sell on the site.

I swear that from that time on the Buddha stands still, and of course I have checked this also time after time. Apparently the Buddha was telling me the same as my friend: that it is okay to ask money for spiritual work, something many therapists including myself have difficulty with. And the statue expressed it in a very symbolic way: the Buddha represents (eastern) spirituality and the right side is the masculine, practical, independent and active side of life.

This weekend I attuned a man to the Reiki master level.
It was an initiation by distance, in which I work with a representation and the distance symbol to fully empower the real person.
As soon as I started I heard a clear voice inside: "the Reiki master in me meets the Reiki master in you", being an equivalent of the Indian and Nepalese greeting Namaste, meaning 'the Buddha (god) in me greets and honors the Buddha in you'. And this really is how I felt.
I performed the attunement. Just before I wanted to breathe in a final blessing a huge lilac lotus flower came up, surrounding my representation with its thousand open folding petals as a circle of perfection. And in the middle of this lotus circle, right across the representation, the image of a huge Buddha statue arose. It was a strong sign that the new Reiki master had fully opened up for the god within.

I do not share these experiences because I think I am somehow special; I am not. I do share them because I consider it very important to derive peace, meaning and encouragement from the infinite divine reality in and around us.


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