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Astrological Emphasis: Aries, 2001

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Pisces: March, 21st- April, 20th. This article applies to Arians during 2001.


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac; it is a sign of fire, and according to the archetype represents a seed, which is starting to sprout. The predominant nature of this sign is characterised by the fact that, those born under Aries tend to want to do many things at the same time, they cannot sit around doing nothing, even with the risk of making mistakes. The character of Aries appears to be very courageous and dynamic, they do not like to wait for the realisation of their projects, and have the tendency to want to be first at all costs; they are often predisposed to risking, due to their excessive impulsiveness. In love, they appear to be very sensitive and at the same time passionate, but sometimes their impetuousness leads to heated discussions with the partner, so that it often leads to momentary breakings of the relationship. In this sign, love at first sight is frequent, so everything burns fairly quickly, and the people born under this sign tend to forget the heartaches in this sector. When they deal with a hostile partner, or someone who is hard to win over, Aries are so stubborn that they do not pull back but continue to fight until they win. In work, they prefer to be independent and do not like being ordered around by anyone, and therefore they have problems adapting to new environments and colleagues; generally they are inclined towards the free professions, but their climb is slow, because it is hard for them to focus their primordial ideal, so that every new event, for this sign becomes an opportunity to change direction.

Positive Days:

Friday 23/03

Saturday 24/03

Sunday 25/03

Sunday 01/04

Friday 06/04

Negative Days:
Friday 30/03

Saturday 31/03

Monday 02/04

Love and Eros

In love, this year you will have the stars in your favour and some wild passions with acquaintances will light up. In particular, single people will have more chances this year and will not lack opportunities for adventures, but be careful not to miss the important occasions, especially in the period between July and September. Many of you will have the opportunity to meet the ideal partner during this period, therefore a selection is necessary, and what is more, your choice should not be based upon the physical aspect, but should be also based on the profound examination of the soul of the chosen person, plus the eventual compatibility between the two of you. Do not insist upon changing or moulding these people, because you will not succeed. The couples of this sign, in the beginning of this year must have had many problems, but during late spring they will have excellent opportunities to find balance and harmony again. It will be necessary to avoid criticism and try to understand the needs of your partner, even if they do not match with yours. The phase between November and December 2001 is very lucky for the couples. The elderly people of this sign will have some happy moments in their family life and pleasant surprises from their grandchildren.

Work and Money

March is a very positive month for you in this sector, thanks to the benevolent influence of Mercury in Aquarius, and during the whole spring you will not lack opportunities to increase your entries. Many of you, who are looking for a job in this phase will succeed in satisfying their requirements and find an opportunity in accordance with their way of being; on the other hand, those who have had legal or administrative problems will be able to solve them, and will be able to take revenge on those who have tried to damage their reputation. If you are a free professional, the stars are advising to wait till the end of summer to make investments or to shop for your company, or to buy some machinery. The young people of this sign will have the opportunity to start a successful career in the period between September and November 2001. Finally, this sign appears to be among the most fortunate ones for the whole of this year.


The people born under this sign are prone to illnesses related to the head and its organs. Generally speaking serious problems are not foreseen, especially for the young people of this sign, who will have to pay attention only in handling dangerous machinery and doing extreme sports in the period between May and July 2001. As far as the mature people are concerned, they will have some problems with their bones and the respiratory tract, towards the beginning of summer, but it will be nothing serious. Besides, they have to take particular care of their body, so some diets and autogenous training techniques are advisable. The elderly people of this sign will have to pay attention to their eyes, therefore preventive check ups are advisable.

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