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Popular Oracles and Omens

Author: Muadhnait

I think it would be correct to assume that man has always been anxious to lift a corner of the veil of the future. In this section I’ve included several popular oracles, omens and superstitions. Some of these might seem a bit ridiculous, but why not consider them as signs of what MIGHT happen?


Or tealeaves divination. This form of divination is associated with the Gypsies and the English. During a reading the person drinks a cup of tea but leaves a small amount in the bottom of the cup. The cup is turned upside down on a saucer.
The reader picks up the cup and reads the patterns formed by the tealeaves. He or she will see several visions and symbols. Time frames are estimated by the proximity of the leaves to the rim. For instance, leaves closest to the rim represent the immediate future. If you see something significant, please use the FAQ database, I’d be happy to consult my books for you, I have a whole section on the interpretations of the visions seen through tasseomancy.

Coffee Grounds

This form of divination is thought to have come from Italy. Put 2 teaspoonfuls of coffee into a filter, pour on boiling water, and place the filter in a safe place. Leave it there for a couple of days until the dregs dry completely. Then move the dregs into a shallow saucepan, pour on a glass of cold water, place the vessel on the stove and let the water heat slowly. Remove the saucepan right before boiling point. The contents should then be placed on a flat white plate. Carefully shake the plate and blow upon it, until the grounds separate themselves from the water and coagulate. Then leave the plate to dry in a place free from air-currents. Half an hour later, you’ll notice that the coffee grounds, in drying, have formed certain patterns. Study these shapes carefully with the help of a magnifying glass. These signs are interpreted in the same manner as are tealeaves.

White of an egg

Take a fresh egg, separate the white from the yolk, and pour the white into a bowl or cup that has been filled with water. Leave the cup uncovered. After a day, the white of the egg will have formed into clots. These signs are interpreted in the same manner as are tealeaves.

If you use any of the three methods of divination mentioned above, and see specific patterns that you find disturbing, I could help you interpret them. I’m not an expert in the matter, but I’ve got the proper interpretations in my books. Please use the FAQ Database in the site’s map.

    In the mean time, here are some of the signs encountered in such methods of reading.
  • Signs of good omen: Anchor, angel, bee, bird, bridge, circle, corn, crown, eagle, elephant, fish, flowers, ship, swan.
  • Signs of bad omen: Arc, bat, coffin, cross, dagger, gun, monkey, owl, rat, snake, square, sword.


Even paper can be used as an oracle! Take 13 pieces of paper, write a yes/no type of question on each, and place the (unfolded) pieces at the bottom of a bowl. Pour some water on, and the first paper that rises to the surface has an affirmative answer.


Water isn’t only a scrying method, but also an oracle that answers questions with a “yes” or a “no”. Concentrate on your question and repeat it in your mind several times, then drop a small stone or pebble into a bowl of water. If the number of the ripples is odd, the answer is “yes”, if it’s even, the answer is “no”.


This oracle is for wishes. Write your wish on a piece of paper. Place the latter on a plate, with the writing face downwards. Apply a lighted match to the corner of the slip. If the paper is entirely consumed, your wish will come true. If only the part written on is consumed, your wish will be delayed. However, if the writing remains, you will not get what you want.

Black and White Squares

Cut out of paper two squares of the same size; their size should be larger than the palm of your hand. Color one of them black, and then go to an upstairs window. Concentrate on your question and throw the squares out at the same time. If the black square reaches the ground first, the answer to your question is “no”, if the white, “yes”.


Dandelion clocks are very popular as oracles. When I was a little girl, I used to make wishes by blowing on a dandelion. It is commonly known that, if all the seeds fly off, your wish will almost immediately come true. If some seeds remain, it will be delayed. If many seeds are left, you will probably not obtain your wish.

The Wedding Ring

Boy, did we used to try this when we were kids! :^) An old woman in the village where I used to spend the vacations taught me this method. I think it still is a popular oracle in rural areas. You’re supposed to take any gold wedding ring and attach it to a black thread. Grasp the latter between the thumb and first finger of the left hand and hold the ring over a glass of water. Concentrate on your question. Then release the thread. The ring will naturally fall to the bottom of the glass. If it touches the left side of the glass, the answer to your question is “no”; if it touches the right side, “yes”. However if the ring touches the side nearest to you or the one opposite to you, the oracle tells you it is not a proper time to ask your question. You could try again after at least a day or two.

Omens have been very popular in most cultures. Stepping under a ladder, opening an umbrella indoors, seeing black cats, such are incidents that even skeptical people cannot ignore. Below are a few significant omens.

Omens Derived from Birds

These omens were established by the ancient Romans diviners. Birds seen on your left, especially dark birds, indicate bad luck. Birds on the right are, however, a fortunate sign. Birds flying from the left-hand side to the right are fortunate, while birds flying from right to left across the observer’s path are an omen of ill luck. If the birds fly straight towards you, they will bring good luck to you, but if they’re flying away from you, they will take happiness with them!

It’s interesting to note that the height at which the birds are flying affect the omen positively. Also, if the bird sings or utters as it flies, it means there is still hope. However if the bird heard was a raven, a rook, a crow or any bird of prey, then this is definitely bad omen.

If a bird suddenly changes the course of its flight, the observer should be on his/her guard for an enemy will attack soon.

    Here is a small list of birds and the omen associated with them:
  • Cock: If a female hears a cock while thinking of her lover, it is a sign of good luck in her relationship with him. However, if a bride or groom hears a cock crowing on the wedding day, the marriage will most likely be unsuccessful. To see a white cock is a sign of bad luck. And if this bird gets close to a house, the latter will be in danger soon.
  • Crow: This bird is often held to be of evil portent. One or more crows seen on your left are a definite sign of misfortune.
  • Cuckoo: To hear the call of a cuckoo on the right is an omen of upcoming prosperity. Nevertheless if the bird is heard on the left the power of the omen is lessened.
  • Dove: A most favorable omen for lovers.
  • Duck: If you hear a duck quacking, expect prosperity soon. But to see this bird fly is a great sign for those who are in trouble, it signifies hope.
  • Eagle: This bird is a good sign.
  • Hawk: The observer should be on his/her guard against enemies who are stronger and more powerful than him/her.
  • Hen: To hear a hen crowing means personal illness. Does that mean you’ll constantly be ill if you’re a farmer for instance? :-)
  • Magpie: To see one magpie upon the left presages death. To meet two or more of these birds however is a good sign. The omen varies with the number of magpies encountered, according to this famous rhyme concerning these birds:
    “One’s sorrow, two’s mirth,

    Three’s a wedding, four’s a birth,

    Five’s a christening, six a dearth,

    Seven’s heaven, eight is hell,

    And nine’s the devil his ane sel.”


Omens Derived from Animals

    Some people strongly fear or welcome the encounter of certain animals.
    Note: Do NOT consider if you live in a farm! :^)
  • Ass or donkey: If that animal is coming from the opposite direction, it is bad omen.
  • Bat: To hear a bat squeaking as it flies foretells bad luck.
  • Cat: This is the most controversial of animals! :-) People constantly disagree about the omens it presages. To kill a cat brings complete misfortune, while to tread upon its tail is also considerate unfortunate, but in a less degree. The ancient Egyptians punished that crime by death!!! If a cat suddenly abandons the house of its masters, there will be a great disaster in that house soon.
  • Dog: If a dog howls outside your house, there will be death in the neighborhood.
  • Ferret: To encounter a ferret means your enterprise will be successful!
  • Goat: An omen of prosperity.
  • Horse: To meet a piebald horse brings good fortune. If lovers meet a white horse, they will be happy together.
  • Lizard: If you see a lizard in an unusual place, then disappointment is on its way!
  • Mouse: If the mouse is white, you will be happy in love, especially if received as a gift. A brown mouse is propitious but in a less degree. The gift of a gray mouse brings evil and danger.
  • Pig: A pig is very unlucky. If a wedding party returning from church meets a wandering pig, the couple will have an unhappy marriage.
  • Snake: If the snake is coming towards you, treachery will be directed towards you. If the snake is going away from you, you will harm your enemies soon.
  • Tortoise: An omen of tranquility and protection.

Omens Associated With The Human Body

Strangely enough, to feel depressed for no apparent reason means unexpected good news! A ringing in the right ear foresees pleasant news, a ringing in the left ear means bad news.

  • Crown of head: Advance in position.
  • Right cheek: Someone is speaking well of you. (How rare is that!)
  • Left cheek: Someone is gossiping about you!
  • Right eye/eyebrow: You will meet an old friend.
  • Left eye/eyebrow: Great disappointment.
  • Nose (inside): Sorrow.
  • Nose (outside): You will be kissed or annoyed within an hour.
  • Lips: Someone is talking about you with disrespect.
  • Right palm: Much money.

The list is too long to be included on this page!

Moles are considered extremely significant. However that doesn’t apply on me people like me: I have moles everywhere on my body, and to consider the following list will mean chaos and contradictions! The next interpretations apply to birthmarks as well.

In general, the greater the size of the mole or birthmark, the greater will be the force of the omen associated with it. A round mole is fortunate, all other moles are bad luck. An oval mark is moderately fortunate. Light-colored moles are good, whereas dark ones are unfortunate. The more hairs there are on a mole, the more unfortunate is its meaning.

    The following are the meanings of moles and birthmarks according to the parts of the body on which they are found.
  • Abdomen: You are greedy and selfish.
  • Ankle: To a man, refinement, to a woman, great energy and independence.
  • Arm: It presages success if on the right arm, and financial problems if on the left arm.
  • Back: An open and honest person with a bit of arrogance and sensuality.
  • Breast: A mole on the left side of the breast means success in undertakings. A mole in the center of the breast means the person will never enjoy opulence but will never want for the necessities of existence. A mole on the right side of the breast shows that person will suffer extremes of fortune.
  • Cheek: A mole on the right cheek foretells a happy marriage; the nearer it is to the mouth, the greater will be the wealth and happiness of the person. A mole on the left cheek however denotes financial difficulties.
  • Chin: If you have a mole or birthmark anywhere on your chin, your undertakings will be successful always.
  • Foot: A mole on the right foot shows a great love for travelling and change. A mole on the left foot means the person is intellectual and intelligent.
  • Forehead: If on the right side, the mole means you have great mental power. If on the left side, it means you’re extravagant and spend more money than you actually have! If in the middle of the forehead, it denotes a person who is extremely attractive and has many love affairs.

Okay, I know there are many other body parts, if you’re interested email me and I’ll tell you what your mole or birthmark means according to its location on your body.

Weather Omens

Perhaps these are the most accurate of omens.

    The traditional weather omens and proverbs that are given below have been collected from different parts of Europe.
  • SUN: When the sun is covered with a haze, expect bad weather. When it goes down in dark and heavy clouds, the morrow will be wet. If the sun comes out while it is still raining (and a beautiful sight it is!), rain will continue for a few more days.

    “If red the sun begins his race

    be sure the rain will fall space;

    If the sun goes pale to bed

    ’t will rain tomorrow, it is said.”

  • MOON: If the moon is encircled by a single ring, it is an indication of rain, even in fine weather. When the yellow full moon rises into a clear sky on the horizon, a short time of fine weather is announced. If the full moon rises red, it is a sign of the wind.
  • STARS: When they flicker and appear larger than usual, wet weather is in store.

    “A mackerel sky

    Twelve hours dry.”

    “Clouds that float high

    Will soon run dry.”

  • WIND:
    “When the wind is in the north,

    Hail comes forth,

    When the wind is in the west,

    Look for a wet blast,

    When the wind is in the east,

    It’s neither good for man nor beast,

    Wind east of west,

    Is a sign of a blast,

    Wind north or south,

    Is a sign of a drought,

    When the wind is in the north,

    A skillful fisher goes not forth.”

  • SKY:
    “Evening red and morning gray

    Send the traveler on his way.

    Evening gray and morning red

    Bring the rain upon his head.”

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