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Author: Anja Heij

Federico Fellini once said: "There is no beginning, there is no end, there is only the infinite passion of life." Infinity is the forever expanding heartbeat of the universe.
A well-known symbol for this concept is the snake biting his own tail, or a circle. These round symbols are a simple representation of a deep truth: life is perfect and complete, you are perfect and complete, yet there is always more to learn, try out, understand and experience and therefore we are encouraged to move on our path.

Progress or change is accomplished by walking both sides of the spectrum, usually named opposites, switching over once a critical mass has been reached, thus finding a new balance time after time. This growth process is depicted by the infinity symbol in the form of the number eight.
In astrology the 8th sign is Scorpio (bringing forth transformation from the very core to the surface) or the Eagle (rising above your previous version). Scorpio is ruled by the heavy planet Pluto with her moon Charon. Charon is not smaller than Pluto. Several astronomers assume that Pluto and Charon in fact form a double planet, and the funny thing is that they circle around each other in the form of an eight.

I won't forget the astrology lesson in which we were introduced to the concept of infinity by means of the Moebius strip. Mr. Moebius was a German mathematician who tried to make the idea of multi-dimensional space tangible for ordinary persons. He did this in a brilliant way (it is also a nice test to do with children). It goes like this:
Take a strip of paper, give it a half-twist, and tape or glue the ends together. Put a pencil somewhere in the middle on the strip. Do not move the pencil, but move the strip under the pencil. What happens is that when you started to draw a line on the outside of the strip, you will at some point find that you are drawing on the inside of the strip and later on return to the outside.
That night I woke up with the realization that inside truly is outside, as above is below, All is Nothing, the end is the beginning, etc. The Moebius strip is a good way to make the paradox visible for the rational mind, as well as the interconnectedness of everything.

The infinity symbol forms part of several new Reiki symbols.
I recently received a Reiki attunement to the symbol Infinity - the Flower of Life, as depicted in the teachings of Melchizedek. The energy was profound but subtle.
I immediately reached a trance state of expanding Nothingness; I don't understand how Nothingness can expand but it surely did. Then I expanded too; my body felt much larger and my aura became a huge white corona. My heart grew bigger and became an open hole. My body felt light and transparent, as if I dissolved into space. Yet when the attunement was completed I did not feel spacey at all; on the contrary: I felt as heavy and grounded as Pluto herself.
This amazing attunement was another reminder that we exist in several realms at the same time, and that we are part of the infinite passion called Life.

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