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new love story, humble origins, professional sector, natural grace

Mariah Carey

Author: HoroscopeFree

From the position of her birth Sun in Aries and looking at the aspects, we can understand that
her career has no been easy; many problems must have tormented her and made her insecure along
her way. Her teenage years have not been very happy; she did not have a flair for the
studies, and besides, her humble origins did not favour her way to success. Since her very
young age she must have been predisposed to singing but the only person who stimulated her to
pursue it must have been her mother, a strong woman with healthy principles, who have helped
her and has given her courage to face this hard journey, full of deprivations, temporary and
humble jobs, which had nothing to do with her personality.

In the love sector, looking at
her birth Venus in Aries, which is subjected to afflictions, we can say that she has not been
very lucky in this sector, especially when she was very young; she must have had two big
disappointments between the age of nineteen and twenty-two, and then she must have met a very
sweet and romantic man, who gave her the opportunity to believe in herself and to fight for
the things she believed in; her success come from this meeting. Currently, after the
breaking of an important relationship, she must have started a new love story with a very
special person with an extrovert and strong character, but to my opinion he is not the man
with whom she will share her life and she will meet him around the age of thirty-five.

In the professional sector, looking at her birth Jupiter in Scorpio, I can say that Mariah has a
controlled behaviour but generally she appears to be anxious and fussy in reaching her
objectives; besides she appears to have natural grace and an exceptional flair for
business. Mariah has already achieved many successes but her climb is only at its
beginning, because in the next few years she will be given many international recognitions and
she will be destined to become one of the most important stars in the world.

In the
financial and investments sector she appears to have natural gifts and an excellent flair for
business, which will help her consolidate her position without being influenced by anyone,
because she does not trust people easily as she only trust people, who she respects
Towards the end of this year she will have another important recognition and what
is more, she will make a prestigious investment, maybe a house.

In the friendship sector
she appears to be very passionate but also selective, she can single out and isolate the
negative people, and if someone betrays her, she reacts with fury, because she believes deeply
in friendship and becomes sad when she makes a mistake about someone.

As far as her health
is concerned she appears to have a delicate neck and larynx, so sore throat and small
respiratory pathology are frequent.

So the stars tell.

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