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Drawing Down the Moon

Author: Zenith Simon

To many, the powerful rite of Drawing Down the Moon belongs exclusively to a Wiccan ritual and
it is also rebuffed as some shoddy rite inserted with a favour to reflect the practices of
Thessalian witches who 'called down the moon'. The context of the 'drawing of the moon' in the
ancient past and today is different, yet, I should say Drawing down the Moon is one of the
most inspiring and evocative ritual, and it is a universal rite.

For men, it is usually known as Drawing Down the Sun. And I've a few times done solitary rites
based on such intention and have been transformed entirely. The Horned Hunter took over me,
giving me strength, teaching me of unspoken wisdom, made me acknowledge my roots, my ground,
my earth and the fire within me. It was those experiences that convinced me to write about the
beneficial ends of this rite known as Drawing Down the Moon or more commonly in other
religions as ritual possession.

Ritual possession has an important part to play in modern Pagans' life because it unlocks our
rigid mind and thrust us beyond what is to us, sensible. We're often so confined in our daily
routine, lack courage to suspend disbelief as well as lack of faith and hope to do so. We
often forget that magic and science complement each other and are no opposing schools. For
this the more important ritual possession should enter our lives.

It's difficult to reason, actually, how ritual possession works. I have once thought hard
about it, whether the Divine actually takes control of the person's body or is it an internal
awakening as it is well expressed in 'Thou art God/dess'. I thought about it for quite
sometime and said to myself, why the heck, give it a try... being as brave as Aidan Kelly in
his first 'witch sabbat's experimental ritual' I ventured forth and ask for the Gods to bless
this rite. The experiences were enriching and no doubt has changed me.

To draw down the moon, you don't necessarily need to assemble in a group or memorize Doreen
Valiente's 'Charge of the Goddess', nor do you need a priest to invoke with a phallic wand.
Drawing down the moon, comes from within. It comes from the intention of surrendering
yourselves to the arms of the Goddess. Giving yourself with humility, with love and reverence,
it is the ultimate surrender of your being to the Divine, a sacrifice indeed to attain such
blessings from the Gods.

There are other cultures and religions that use ritual possession as a form of inspiration.
The Vodou uses drums and beats to invoke Lwas (Ancestral Spirits/Demi-Gods), the Taoist uses
gong and chant. Many other cultures has similiar ritual but different ways to carry it out.
Even the Pentacostalians encourage speaking in tongues!

Ritual possession not only gives us insight and wisdom, it connects us with the Divine. It
unites us, giving us a chance to know the power in the Divine as well as the ability latent in
us. It gives us the comfort and security that we're part of the Gods, well expressed in the
old Egyptian adage 'There is no part of us which is not of the Gods'. Besides, ritual
possession affirms our communication and relationship with the Divine. And if there are more
of us going through such joyous rite, I'm sure we'll have less wars and conflicts around.

Here I do introduce a short ritual for those intending to seek inspiration and communication
with the Gods. The most important factor of all is the intent. If the intent is good, then be
not afraid for no evil spirits may do harm towards you. I would also like to affirm that this
is not a joke ritual, it's a sacred rite to receive knowledge from the Gods as well as
establishing a relationship with Them. Please note that the ritual is entirely improvised for
those who intend to experience ritual possession.

Take your athame and circumambulate three times deosil while saying,

"The star is bright,
oh feeble ancient light,
shine on us tonight,
by the Shining one's Might!"

You may then sit down or remain standing, asperge yourself with the consecrated water and then say,

"Great Mother, Great star of life,
Cosmic Might, ancient provider,
descend apace, unto me... I ask you...
perfect your love, perfect your trust,
your daughter call unto thee.
Descend into the body, blest holy
since the beginning of time!"

You may either dance a frenzy dance, calling the Great names of the Goddess or sit down and
reflect. Soon, there may be a shift of consciousness. Let the Goddess take hold of you,
surrender and She shall impart wisdom unto you.

It is not difficult to perform the rite. Often, I believe sincerity is the key component of
an effective communication with the Gods. Another crucial factor is also the willingness to
surrender oneself to the Gods. It all boils down to the intent of the practitioner.

I sure hope to see that there will be positive results generated by the readers who read this
article. Lastly, I would love to hear your stories about your journey to affirm your
relationship with the Divine.

Blessed be.