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Getting Up Again - A Story of Healing with Phosphorus and Anacardium

Author: Anja Heij

Hope for the future gives life color and meaning. Having a body you can rely on is very important. In many cases the condition of the temple of our soul is a major key to happiness. And what makes healing so satisfactory is that the restoration of health leads to the restoration of hope and lust for life; the sun starts shining again.

An inspiring example of the possibilities of homeopathy is Freya (not her real name).

There she sits: a good looking woman with curly blond hair, wearing a tight t-shirt with a pink heart and the word Love on it over her breasts. She is 13, smart, early mature and sexy. She should be surrounded by a swarm of adoring lovers. Yet this young beauty is deeply unhappy, because since two years her legs disfunction. For the sportswoman she is, being an athlete on champions-level, trouble with her legs really is a big deal.

Intensive training has led to constant pain in the legs, as if she gets stabbed in it with a knife or with needles. The pains are concentrated around the knees and get worse with pressure and exertion. She can hardly walk anymore and has to be carried around by her mother.

Massage, physiotherapy and magnet-therapy have not brought relief. X-ray photographs show no anomalies. The only thing the academical hospital can say about her case is "learn to live with it, and come back when you are 18 and no longer growing". But five more years like this is a long period.

Freya is ambitious; both in sports and at school she wishes to score. The last months her results at school are negatively influenced due to grief about the death of her beloved grandfather. She is very intuitive and has paranormal contacts with deceased family members. The way she explains seeing her grandmother dancing in the pendant she inherited from her is really moving. She collects buddha-statues and often burns candles and incense.

She always finds herself surrounded by male and female friends; she shows self-confidence and easily makes contacts. Freya loves animals and would like to become a veterinarian. Now she has stopped sporting she dedicates herself to taking care of an old pony. She has grown and become mature fastly. She likes hot weather, salty food, and has fits of consuming everything-sweet like chocolate.

I decide to give her Phosphorus C 500. When her mother watches the 7 tiny pellets she gets, she unbelieving asks me if that is all there is. It is.

The first two days Freya is really crippled; it feels 'as if the pains are drawn out'. Three painless weeks follow. Then her knees become stiff and painful again. I repeat the remedy in a higher, 1M potency. She dances for four days on the local fair, and remains painless until she gets the flue, but when the flue is over her knees become painless again. An inner voice advises her to start exercising again. She starts running, which she really enjoys, but it gets painful after a while.

Now the knee problems become less prominent the difficult relationship with her father comes to the surface. He demands high scores in sports and at school, and obedience at home. His daughter's laughter and singing upsets his temper and he has beaten her. But she claims not to be afraid of him, and to sometimes be hysterically angry. So I become curious after her reaction on her father's aggression. "Oh, I have kicked him firmly in his balls, and believe me: he won't do it again!" she fiercely replies. I immediately believe her, and decide that this is extra-ordinary behavior for a 13-year old lady; worth to take into account when prescribing the next remedy.

While first her inner voice was an advisatory one, she now hears a negative voice, telling her that she will never be of any good in sports again. But Freya fights back; she will prove no matter what that she can do it. Her father, by the way, is an outer voice who states that she is no good.

I watch a hyper-nervous woman, afraid of exploding soon at her father. This time I give Anacardium C500.

She starts taking gym lessons and aerobics again with good results. She becomes more relaxed and does better at school.

With tears in her eyes she tells to really start hating her father with his alcohol abuse; she is afraid of taking up a knife against him. This is serious enough to decide to a very high potency of Anacardium, a 10M, together with a Bach flower remedy against hatred and criticism.

I explain that hatred only calls forth hatred, and that in order to build up a good relationship with a partner later it is crucial to solve the issues with her own father now.

Three months later her legs are completely healed, the relationship with her father has improved, and she finds no need for further treatment.

I don't meet her often anymore, but amazingly she always is the center of a group of young joyful people.

Therefore I have not been in the circumstances to ask her how she is doing. When I look at the little lights in her eyes however, I know enough.

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