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Search for Wholeness: Male-Female Twin Souls

Author: Anja Heij

"The worlds are just a playground of the you and I, the colorful mask of the two-in-one, I
am in you like you are in me, oh love."

Sri Aurobindo wrote these beautiful words,
describing the twin soul relationship. Twin souls or twin flames are the male and female half
soul whoem together form a conscious, developed soul. According to many myths and esoteric
teachings there originally existed one big soul, God, who divided him-her-itself along
creation into smaller souls. In the human realm this process led to individual souls for each
androgynous being, and finally these souls were divided into a male and female half for each
man and woman. (I believe that the story of Adam and Eve is a symbolical description hereof.)

Since each male has a female part, and each female a male part, they somehow remember
their original state of oneness and search for each other's complement in a partner. This is
sexuality in a broader sense. The eastern yin-yang symbol very well expresses this eternal
attraction of opposite parts, because one recognizes the self in the other one.

Yet the flame of God's oneness is in each individual being, what means that men and women
can experience wholeness in oneself without having a partner. Men need to first develop their
masculinity and then make room for their softer female side. Women first need to develop
their femininity and then bring their masculine part to flower. This way people manifest the
yin-yang symbol inside. When the inner lover is recognized a next beautiful step on the
journey to completion can be taken: finding and merging with the other side of your soul.

Twin soul relationships are very close; you share a same level of development and
interests with a partner who deeply loves you for who you are, and who will encourage you to
become more of who you are. Such relationships can be very harmonious. They can also
encounter deep conflicts, because the quick personal development of the partners brings
hidden patterns in a fast pace to the surface. And twin flames are complementary, so they can
heartily disagree, yet value each other's differences.

These relationships are often
filled with coincidences or other signs of interconnectedness. Getting to know a twin soul
often is dramatic, and somehow long before prepared by the Universe. This is a true story
about such a meeting:

A teacher in grammar school tells about Valiant. Hearing this name somehow strikes a chord
in a 10 years old girl. "Valiant" she dreams off, "what a wonderful name; he must be a dream
prince. When I shall have a son later I will name him Valiant".

Thirty years go by, in which she never hears that name again. She finds herself in an
unfulfilled life, seeking for happiness. So one day she decides to attend the teaching of an
enlightened master. She does not know why, but her intuition strongly tells her that
something special will happen that evening. She expects a spiritual experience, yet to her
disappointment nothing extraordinary takes place.

On her way home she stops for a shop
with religious objects. Suddenly she hears a cheerful voice behind her: "Now what can I buy
you?" Nothing of course, the shop is closed. Yet a strange and open conversation on
practicing meditation and sexmagick unfolds with a man she really finds very nice, but not at
all handsome. Before she decides to go home he gives her his card for a free tarot reading.

At home she takes a good look at this invitation. Only then she discovers the name of the
giver: Valiant!

She thinks about him every day, but is a loyal wife and therefore tries to
forget him.

Two weeks later she wakes up from a strange dream. In this dream she is meditating while
suddenly colored patterns of moving energy, like weavings of cloth, appear for her eye. The
patterns rhythmically go up and down and change form after a while. It somehow feels very
pleasant. Still in the dream she wonders what is going on, when a teasing inner voice asks:
"is it unpleasant?" No it's great, but so very strange! In a flash she sees the image of
Valiant, and she wakes up. She realizes that the patterns she saw are energy weavings; one
translation of the word tantra is 'weaving', and that she was part of Valiant's sex-magickal

Still she does not contact him.

Two months later she cannot find a way out of her marital problems anymore. She decides to
ask Valiant for a tarot reading. While he explains her the meaning of the cards a sudden
inner voice declares: "With you I want to go to bed, from you I want children, for you I am
willing to die!" She finds this soul message shocking; yet it is the beginning of an intense
and passionate relationship. Valiant surprised states: "we have been thrown together!" They
recognize each other as two opposite endings of a scale, while meeting each other in many
shared interests and characteristics, love, joy and respect. Another step back to wholeness
is set.

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