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Sun Fire Laughing

Author: Ashley Costanzo and Janice VrMeer

At the center of every creation Fire dances, laughing, conjuring,
holding the chill of the void at bay. Like both the charmer and the snake,
he warms the Earth to jump from its slumber, calling all life to stand and
reach for him in the heavens, calling all things living to dance the fire
within them.

Phoenix Fire always rises from what he has destroyed. From the ashes of
his own body, he springs forth with renewed life and flies. Fire is a
beautiful bird, wild, soaring, giving the gift of his plumage to shine the
way to our destiny. He is the language of dragons, dazzling in each
shimmering scale, the jewel of the fertile swamps and the secret within the
mountain. He guards the treasure of his essence, sharing it only with the
gentlest of virgins and bravest of warriors. His challenges bless their
union as he blesses the reunion of the body with the spirit. It is with his
love that the stars shine. It is within his circle that a god dances worlds
into creation and destruction. He is the bearer of light, and the glory of
each morning. He is our life.

Summer is the time to work and grow strong for the challenges ahead. In
these long days, Sun Fire will help you create treasures for the winter when
he won't be so apparent. Remember: you can navigate through darkness with
even the memory of light. Summer is like a flash of lightning in the dark
night by which you may navigate the path of your life. Remember his face.
Sit by his fire. Grow strong and dance.

Your passion when lit by him can be like a flame, burning brightly,
moving unchallenged toward what feeds it. You cannot force passions; they
are not self-generated. He lights them, or he does not. But when you are
lucky enough to be touched by Fire's desire, cherish it. It is a most
sacred gift, as anyone recalling their first true love will acknowledge. If
you dowse his flames, he will be reluctant to return.

Don't forget: your passions are the steppingstones to your destiny.
Pursuing small passions whole-heartedly prepares us to embrace
life-encompassing passions. Live always in your bliss, in your greatest
desire, from the place within you that burns with divine light.

If you are afraid to follow your passions, Fire will give you both the
confidence you need to pursue them boldly and a detached manner to work with
them. Attachment to the outcome of your pursuits will only limit you.
Think of Fire, consuming completely the object of his passion. His only
desire is to burn hotly. He will not guarantee outcomes, but he will help
you to live honestly and powerfully by fuelling your passions.

True passions are innately good but will change and transform like their
Grandfather Fire. Do not feel fickle for living from your deepest desires,
even when those desires change. Change allows growth. What is all the fear
about change, he asks? Each day the Sun offers a promise of renewal. A new
day to begin the world again and grow from seed to tree. What we should
fear is the end of change, the end of growth, for with their end comes the
end of life. Embrace change. If you find that your life has no spark,
Grandfather Fire tells us that change is exactly what will create passion.
Depression is caused by stagnation and stale belief systems. Large-scale
change can instantly end depression. Take a risk; be bold. There are no
limits. Burn down what does not suit you. Be dramatic. He encourages us
to "lighten" our load.

Which brings us to humor. Fire is the element of humor, that aspect
deep inside each of our cells laughing. This fire can find humor within
everything, even apparent disaster. He is not fooled by material disguises,
and does not buy into the tragedy games we enjoy playing. Release judgement
and embrace the power of levity. Free yourself from common sense, the
common, and dance.

Fire also heats the breath of inspiration. It is his innovations that
are conjured with passion, born in marvel and walk in beauty. He reveals to
us the mysteries that have not yet touched human thought. Fire is the
element within us all that causes us to reach for the sublime and pull it
into our earthly plane, forcing the rest of humanity to take a step forward.
He has lent his power to help make us human, but he will never be in our
control. He is the force behind our evolution, the crest of the wave upon
which the great thinkers ride. Fire is the strength behind these
revolutionaries, giving them the courage to stand in the face of adversity,
the gallows or the pyre, and proclaim the truth. With the courage of Fire
we never need kneel to weakness. With the strength of Fire we can rise
above mediocrity. With the beauty of Fire we can brighten the face of

The heart is intimately related to Fire. Look into your heart and ask
Fire to show you the energy it emanates and its colors. Its light should be
strong, bright and clear, emanating great light. If it is dull or murky,
ask Grandfather to stoke the fires of your heart. Use your breath to feed
him. Breathe deeply, and feel your breath heat your heart, allowing it to
radiate clearly and be purified.

Spread warmth and love from the source of fire within you. To increase
the warmth of your personal transactions, give gifts with the colors of
fire: reds, oranges and yellows. Ripe and blooming, Fire fuels your sexual
chakra; share flowers and fruit. Drape your bedroom in warm colors, or just
cuddle by an open fire, and watch your intimate relationships heat up.

Sometimes Fire might appear harsh, sweeping the landscape quickly,
apparently without regard for what he consumes, but purification and
transmutation are some of his greatest responsibilities. Fire encourages us
to look beyond physical structures. He gives wings to trees, and food to
their children. When Fire comes into our lives, he brings his gifts of
cleansing, transformation and a chance to let go and start fresh. This is
never easy, but always powerful.

When you are unhappy with circumstances in your life, make a list of
everything that you are dissatisfied with, everything in your life that
lacks passion, joy and hope. Feed that list to Grandfather Fire, and he
will help you transform them and remove limitations. To remove unhealthy
relationships from your life, find material objects that represent your
relationship, or objects that tithe you to that person, and burn them. He
is not limited by mind or matter. He will set you free, flying.

Fire is the storyteller. Whenever you tell a story, you tell it from
Fire. Like the heart the tongue is an organ of fire. He encourages us to
use story to heal our lives and build community by simply sitting around a
fire and telling stories. Share a fire circle with people with whom you
wish to build, strengthen or purify relationships, and take turns relating
teaching and transformation stories. Tell your stories from the heart,
embracing laughter. Be warned, however, he doesn't like pity stories. Pity
stories, like cool passions, can cause him to bite.

To build power, little is more effective than dancing around a fire, and
you can manifest almost anything by dancing from the heart. There are
dances of joy, seduction, beauty, spiritual power and lament. If you dance
with purpose, you can transform intention into reality.

Feed Grandfather Fire with chocolate, sage, a wooden stick and tobacco.
Honor him with your laughter, song and dance. He is here to lighten your
load, your hearts and your thoughts, to give you strength and a guiding
light. He is the lighthouse to help you navigate through storms safely to
port and the original gift from the gods.

Fire is here to reassure, to give hope, joy, nourishment and
regeneration. Though, remember Icarus and have respect. Resort not to
wings of wax and feathers. Only with the wings of Fire can we touch the

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