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Thoughts on the Soul and Reincarnation

Author: Tristan Arts

Tristan Arts &bopy; 1999 and 2001 all rights reverved.

Life is an effort to re-member one's connections to the all-knowing soul, which we have chosen to forget so that we may fully appriciate that knowlege by experiencing what it is like to not have that knowlege. We do not remember our choosing this forgetfulness, because what would be the point of living in ignorance to experience ignorance if we knew we chose this? Yet, a conscious life, when one knows that we made the choice, is a treasure beyond belief. To strive, knowingly, to become One with the All again is more valuble than one could possibly know or imagine.

Many argue that if we are reincarnated, why don't we remember our past lives? They think this is proof against reincarnation. But the answer is simple: would you want to remember all those lives, all the memories of *millions upon millions* of past and future lives? What would be the point? Remembering everything of all those lives would defeat the purpose of being here in the first place. We've come here to forget and strive to remember, so that we may appriciate the knowlege our souls have.

And yes, I said millions upon millions of past and *future* lives. Why? because the notion of past lives and future lives is invalid. All lives one's soul experiences are done simultaneously, as time has a completely different meaning to our souls than it does to us. It is like taking snapshots that are similar and making them animate by flipping them in order very quickly. it is because all of time is ONE event, but because we are in the middle of it, we see the illusion of time as a flowing river, when it is actually a lake. Yes, a lake is a good metaphor. Because Time Lake looks calm and serene when seen from the outside observer's view (our souls), but to the fish in the lake, there are many currents and such that give the fish the illusion of the lake as a flowing body of water. Our souls live outside the Time Lake, with a pipeline coming from us, so that our minds and bodies (who have forgotten their connections to the soul, and thus are free to do as they please) get to do all kinds of amazing things, getting lots of experiences, while our soul gets the pleasure of coming along for the ride. Major steps in the process of life are when we, the minds and bodies, begin to remember our connections to the soul in little bits and pieces, or even big chunks. The levels of these remembrances range from intuition to ESP, from living a conscious life to being completely enlightened, such as Masters (as they're called) like Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus Christ (and his *REAL* teachings.)

I also wish to say, "Do not despair. There is no such thing as an accident. Everything that happens in your life is a result of something you or your soul have decided to experience. God is not at fault, for God, Goddess, Oversoul, or whatever you call it is simply the collective consciousness of the multi-verse, and wants everyone to get what they choose. Do not *want*, for wanting will bring you more wanting. *Choose*, for choosing will get you what you desire. Maybe not immediately, but you'll get it eventually. And an unshakable belief that you will get it also helps a great deal.

But whatever your beliefs, do not try to force your beliefs, no matter how true, on others. You can make your information readily available, let them know what you believe, but do not force the issue. It is their choice to believe as they will, and there are as many ways of looking at and interperting the multi-verse or universe as there are atoms in the universe. All spiritual paths lead to the same mountain. If one path seems bad to you, do not debase it. The followers of that path chose the experiences that path brings, and that is their right. Do not worry for anyone, we'll all get to that "mountain" eventually. For, as God says, "None of my children can become lost."

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