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Astrological Emphasis: Gemini, 2001

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Gemini: May, 21st- June, 21st. This article applies to Geminis during 2001. An Air sign. The Gemini person is blessed with a great intelligence


An Air sign. The Gemini person is blessed with a great intelligence and has an innate desire to know things. He, generally succeeds in becoming popular with the others with his great inspiration and charm but often its weakness and the tendency to exceed causes him hostilities, which sometimes turn into violence because of jealousy. When there are unfavourable aspects he has a tendency to lies, malicious gossip and fraud; in other cases he can be superficial. The great capacity of those born under Gemini to absorb leads them to nervousness because often they cannot let off the excesses they believe they are able to handle. Their body is agile, with long arms and legs; often they are bony and are quick in their movements; it is very hard for them to hide their mood and curiosity. Gemini is the only sign of the Zodiac that succeeds in escaping the obstacles by pulling back even before the event comes true. Generally a Gemini with a many positive aspects in his birth chart becomes famous and popular, otherwise he wastes energies and loses interesting financial opportunities.

Positive Days:

Friday 25/05

Saturday 26/05

Sunday 27/05

Thursday 31/05

Saturday 09/06

Negative Days:

Monday 28/05

Friday 01/06

Tuesday 12/06

Love and Eros

With the presence of Jupiter and Saturn in your sign you will have the possibility to make your relationships more solid; this way you will be able to defeat your adventurous instincts and dedicate yourself to build a permanent relationship with firm foundations. The young people of this sign, in the period between May and September of 2001 will make many acquaintances and they will be able to satisfy their own egos and vanity; they will spend some transgressive evenings and will meet with many different people and will not have time to get bored. What is more, they will be the leaders of the group during these evenings. The people in a relationship will live a complex phase especially due to a lack of understanding towards the partner; in the period between July and September of 2001 you will have to be careful with exaggerations and you will have to avoid repeating frequently the same things because they can exasperate the partner and lead him/her to extreme decisions such as a temporary break, if not a permanent one. The Stars, therefore, are advising you to act cautiously, as far as your partner's needs are concerned; maybe you should try to change attitude and be more available and understanding.

Work and Money

In the professional sector the presence of many star afflictions in May will make you unstable, and you will have many difficulties to deal with, due to the presence of Saturn, which is subjected to negative influences by Mars, but already towards the end of the month you will be able to handle quite a few of these difficulties and find a good harmony again, which will lead you towards a slow and continuous rise. The young people of this sign, who are still looking for a permanent job, will live a difficult phase during this period and will have to wait for the period between September and November of 2001 to find a job corresponding to their expectations. Those, who already have a job will feel a great recovery, and will make important acquaintances which will be important for their profession. Also, they will be able to take revenge on the jealous people. The free professionals will live one of the most important periods of their life; their prestige and popularity will increase substantially already in the summer of this year, and September of 2001 appears to be very lucky as well.


The people of Gemini appear to be fragile in the respiratory tract, the arms and hands, and are prone to bladder and skin pathologies. The young people of this sign could feel during this phase some problems such as allergies, anxiety and stress due to excessive storage of tension. The mature people of this sign will have an excellent psychophysical drive and will not suffer from any relevant illnesses. The elderly people of Gemini, on the other hand, will have to keep under control the respiratory and the urinary tracts, especially in the period between May and July, and November and December of 2001.

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