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An Introduction to Meditation

Author: Choalayna

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"Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we
oft might win by fearing to attempt."
-William Shakespeare

The key to successful endeavors in the world
of magickal, psychic and spiritual realms is
your ability to harness and control your
energies while visualizing your goal.
Meditation is a special kind of concentration,
the purpose of which is to withdraw all your
energies (emotional, mental, physical) and
redirect them inward to a single point.

The Eastern philosophies have been practicing
this secret of self-discipline for centuries.
Although they both have the same aim, the
Eastern system tends more towards the
mystical or passive approach to achieve
an inner knowledge of self; of the mind.
Whereas the Western system tends more
towards control, activity and unification of
both the body and mind. The act of ceremony,
or ritual, along with meditation is the system of
which we practice as this is more easily done
in our western lifestyle, suitable to achieve
spiritual awareness for the magick performed.

It is the MOST important tool you can have.

Besides the starting point in your journey, you
will also gain a bonus! With regular practice and
diligence, it will give you a sense of well-being
in the everyday mundane world and will become a
very natural part of your life. You just have
to do it.!

The ego-conscious is not very easily going
to give up control and by repetitive action,
the mind will more easily conform. The more you
practice the easier and faster it will come to you.

THE second "rule" is once you have mastered
the art of meditation visualization, you are
forbidden to use it for harm to yourself nor
others. There is a saying that "where thoughts
flow, energies go". You must take absolute care
in creating your thoughts and intentions.
Anytime you use this, remember it is returned
threefold upon the sender. Use your thoughts
wisely and to the improvement of all which in
turn will be bestowed back to you.

THIS is but a quick run-through of the information
out there on meditation and it is only a few methods.
Visualization is a creative process. If you believe
yourself to not be very creative, grab a child's book
and read through it remember all the little songs you
sang as a child? Put yourself in that land of a child's
"Puff, the Magick Dragon"and "The Old Woman Who
Lived In A Shoe". Write it down if you have to.
With lots of "picture books" it will help you to
visualize a lot easier. (okay, okay then pretend
they are for your niece or nephew or even the
neighbor's kid!)

Or if you are the touchy-feely kinda' person,
grab anything that reminds you of a place or
good feeling. Such as an old scratchy blanket
to remind you of the forest floor with all those
darned pine needles, a soft silk sheet to
to remind you of the water caressing you, or
even a smell, grab something leather, or some
perfume, or even laundry soap! Or are you a
"noise" person? Turn on the music that helps
you relax. Now don't go and get some "heavy
metal" jam session and claim it helps you.
We know better. But sometimes the TV on
just as "background noise" works for me if
I'm in one of those "don't really wanna be ALL
alone" moods. I do prefer however the true
meditational tapes in the background. Anything
tho' to help you to visualize. And still
write all of it down! It will help you each time.

With practice you will easily be able to do
it anytime you want to and your creative
juices will only get better and better.
Your awareness will be heightened and your
perception cleared.

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