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The Doorway Meditation

Author: Choalayna

© Copyright 1997-2000 by Tammy Cooper.
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TO begin, find a quiet place. Away from
the phone, TV, kids, what have you. Someplace
you feel comfortable and away from distractions.
This could be the backyard, the beach, the bathroom,
or our own special room set aside, anywhere that you
can concentrate on concentrating!

HAVING made yourself comfortable,
close your eyes and deliberately try to relax.
Begin at your feet and move up. I try to imagine
it as a venetian blind being slowly pulled up from
my feet taking with it all stress and anxiety and
folding it nicely in the slats. Choose an object
to focus on. This could be anything from a rock to
a picture. Something that feels right to you.
Concentrate on this object for five minutes. Close
your eyes again and try to recall the object in
true clarity in your mind's eye, your third eye.

BREATHE naturally through your nose
at a steady pace. If distractions surface try
not to think of them as annoyances, if you try
to accept them, they won't be annoying at all.
Now, try to recall the object in your mind, the
object and nothing else. When the image is able
to be held, try to draw it closer and closer,
keeping the detail as much as possible, until
the image is entirely there, no borders, nothing
else. At this point, imagine it also as a
doorway. The edges of the object are the
doorjambs, the center the door. Through this
door is a field, a meadow, the ocean, whichever
is more relaxing to you. See that image in
its entirety and hold it.

NOW while holding that image, try to
step through that door. This may prove very
difficult to begin with, but keep trying, it
will become easier. Step through the doorway
to your landscape. Walk through your field
and experience everything you see. Speak to
the trees, the tides, the sky, the people
you meet. Let your imagination go where it
will. You will now find that you have breached
the threshold of one level of consciousness
and have arrived at your higher consciousness.
It is here that you will be when you are
practicing spiritual awareness.

SPEND as much time as you like, however,
remember that all good things must come to an
end and returning is very carefully done. It
isn't just a matter of opening your eyes,
that is too much of a shock. It must be done
in a manner as to ease your conscious back.
Now is the time to slowly make your way to
the doorway. Step back through, not rushing,
seeing the doorjambs, floor, the other side
of where you are. Imagine that doorway now
shrinking as you step out. Imagine the object
coming back into its normal size. When you
are done stamp your feet. This places firmly
you back in the material world.

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