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A Walking Meditation

Author: Choalayna

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A different, but quick meditation!
This technique involves a "think on your feet" type
of meditation. Also employs a "rhythmic" touch which
you can modify yourself to fit the situation. We are
gonna try the walking meditation. It employs the use
of using a "beat" or "tempo" of your feet but can
be modified to use with drums or even a constant
mono-sound or chant.

As you are walking, let both your arms down and
let them swing at your sides. Let them do their
regular swing as you walk. Try not to think about
them as it may distract you. Just let them hang
and swing. Relax your shoulders and step by placing
the heel of your foot firmly and "rolling" it up to
the balls of your feet as you walk. Your steps should
be a smooth yet firm trod. Do not stomp, clod or slide.
Try to practice the heel-toe maneuver whenever you can.
(You may find that many podiatrists and chiropractors
recommend this type of stepping anyway!). I use this
technique walking or if I see someone approaching
who is looking a bit perturbed. It helps to keep you
calm and rational when others aren't!

As you walk, relax. Think about nothing if you can.
Concentrate on the steady rhythm of the steps. Left,
right, left, right. Listen to the beat with your inner
ear. Concentrate on your breathing technique.
As each step progresses you will notice a loosening
of the muscles, a relaxing of the mind. Continue
with the tempo at an even pace. Left, right, left,
and so on. Take a few minutes to really get into the

After a few minutes, try to quit telling yourself
the left, right deal. Just feel the beat. With each
new step, open all passageways inside at your third eye.
As these are opening, feel the beat following its
course. Each step is releasing all the junk and is
replacing the space with your "safe place", a place
you create that you feel comfortable, at ease in.
Again, you can imagine the beach, woods, mountains,
anything or anywhere you feel secure.

Keep up the steady pace until you are there and
can see, feel, hear and smell everything all around
you. Once there, you can ask your question(s), make
decisions, visualize a protective shield around you,
meet your new found "friends", and play if you want!
Stay as long as you like, keeping your eyes on the
traffic tho' too! This one might be a little harder
to do but is easy if you have been practicing.
This can also be used indoors (who says you need
to walk outside?) while listening to a drum beat,
a chant or a mantra. (One syllable word repeated
over and over). The trick is to loose yourself in
the beat, or tempo. A high state of consciousness
can be obtained in this fashion. Feel the beat
lightening your load and adding a sense of total
well-being,security and awareness It really can be
as easy as taking a walk!

Coming home...sigh. This is a little easier.
Just slow it down. Slowly! Slow it down until you
feel "normal" again. Your heart rate may slow, in
fact, should slow down. Feel the energizing feeling,
feel the beat bringing you back.Now you are walking
"back", bringing your thoughts into focus of around
you, the sounds from the street, or the birds in the
air slowly coming to your earth plane. Go with the
steady tempo. Do not change your pace abruptly, but
slowly. Stamp your feet. Welcome Home!

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