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Affirmations and Rethinking

Author: Choalayna

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On your journey in Meditation it is
important to understand first that it
will not be easy if you are truly
trying to do it and do it right
As we mentioned, the ego-conscious is not
gonna go down without a fight. This is
the reason for this page. Along the path
you will encounter a "breaking down" of
thoughts and changes in consciousness.
Sometimes this is the hardest part to
continue with. It was for me.

None of the techniques are harmful
in any way. You will experience an
effect totally unknown to you before
if you are sincere in your practice.
One of the journeys may include a
"clearing" of memories, in fact, I'll
change that to say "WILL" include.
It is part of the process. In practicing
a letting go of thoughts and relaxing,
you are creating and entering a space
within your own self.

The experiences will also vary from one
day to the next. One time an experience
of well-being, the next a dark intensity.
These are natural, physical reactions to the
varied emotions which can be met in the
practice of meditation.

It is then a process of breaking down the
old and outworn patterns and habits of
thinking and allowing a new awareness in.
You have heard of a phrase "stubborn as
a mule'? Well, in trying to break down
the old thought patterns, you may just
have to wrestle that mule!

The "Mule" here is your fears, self-
imposed limitations and deceptions.
Whether you acknowledge them at this
point is really of no concern because
we all have them and they will possibly
be brought forth for you to acknowledge.
Also, you must come to terms with your
emotions and meditating has a way of
bringing all that "stuff" stored away
and hidden for so long up "to the surface".

It is important too to understand the
need for solitude sometimes. You must
face the "demons" head on and put them
to the test! Scrutinize every emotion
every fear, every self-limiting thought
you have, take the time to consider
what upsets you and why. An image may
come. See these for what they are; images
of yourself. Some may appear luxurious,
others a sci-fi movie. In either case,
break it down, piece by piece if you have
to. It is only through this process that
a strong foundation can be built and a
sense of the power within you can be

One way that helped me over the "hump"
was Affirmative Thinking.
Now all you who say "fluff-bunnies" read on.
On regular practice, you will have the
confidence and the power to work through
the old thinking patterns and emerge
with a new sense of self. By facing the
fears and self-imposed limitations we place
on ourselves, (sometimes buried so deep we
aren't even aware of it, or sometimes a fear
so great we don't realize how we have limited
ourselves) we can emerge knowing our "true self"
and thus begin the foundation of shaping our
lives and acknowledge the power within each
of us.

This is not easy but it must be worked through.
Imagine a wall, painted with a toxic substance.
Now imagine coming in and instead of clearing
it off, just paint a new happier color over
it. Through the years keep painting all the
colors and coats you want. But what is the
foundation? A toxic substance that begins
to eat away at all those coats of paint.
In spots, never uniform with the end result
of a beautifully painted wall with "open sores"
of toxicity. This is what meditation without
a true facing of the old patterns of thought
and self-imposed walls is all about.

Scrape through the old coats of paint, it
may happen a chip at a time, you may even
get a big spot in one maneuver! A constant
review of the base of the wall, but each
breaking away of the old toxic foundation
gives breath to a new clean slate in which
we can draw the power within each of us
towards a sense of well-being and confidence.

One practice through all this is keeping
a journal. Write down all that you experience
while meditating. What you see, whom you
meet in your "safe place". Record the
feelings and reflect upon them. You will
see a gradual shift in your writings.
Maybe not at first all good things take
time!, it will help you more to come to
terms with the emotions and work through
them. After awhile you will be amazed as
how your thought patterns have changed.

Use the forms described and the Affirmations
to better yourself and in doing so can
also help you to see how perhaps you
may help others.

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