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Psychic Protection - Barriers

Author: Robert Bruce

Copyright 1994 - Robert Bruce (In The Land Down-Under = Australia)



Robert Bruce is an internationally respected mystic, healer and metaphysical explorer. A self-admitted mad-scientist, and most recently an up and coming world-class author, Robert has provided an altruistic consulting service to the Global Internet Community since, 1992. He offers practical advice on all types of paranormal, metaphysical and developmental problems.


The countermeasures given in these short articles are extremely basic.
They only contain the bare bones of what is necessary to use them. To
understand the principles behind these countermeasures, please get a copy
of 'Practical Psychic Self-Defence' when it is released by Hampton Roads,
VA, USA -- hopefully in mid 2001 if all goes well.

Note: Neg. = Negative inorganic being or bad spirit of any variety.

 Core Image Removal:

The basic core image treatment techniques, given herein, involve
reliving and capturing snapshot images of bad or traumatic experiences
with imagination, in the minds eye. Core images can stem from real life
experiences, or from bad dreams and disturbing fantasies. They can also be
implanted by neg's via telepathic/hypnotic broadcast. This can happen in
the waking state, but more usually happens during sleep.

The key to breaking neg. attachments is to unearth and destroy mental
attachment points inside personal inner meta-space. These attachments are
rooted in core images (memory images) implanted within the
mind/memory of victims. From these core images grow the bioenergy body
attachment points. The physical manifestation of these bio-points are
usually identifiable, as they cause skin blemishes, i.e., lumps, moles,
rough patches, irritations, infections, etc. The stronger types appear as
gristly lumps (a kind of tumour) under the skin; and these
generally indicate stronger varieties of neg's are involved.

There are two main types of core image, natural and created. The
natural types (i.e., memory images of bad experiences) are
grafted onto, whereas the created type are specifically designed and
implanted as attachment points. All core images of this ilk are the types
of memories that cause stress when they are relived, i.e., painful or
distressing or worrying memories.

Created core image (artificial) are made by
telepathically broadcasting into victims during the sleep state. This
impinges on the victim's dream mind and generates distressing images, or
even nightmares. And the mind cannot really tell the difference between a
real traumatic experience and one it experiences in the dream state. When
remembered and relived, you will find these all cause stress, ie,
increased heart rate and blood pressure, sweating, etc. They will also
have the effect of making you obsess about them, going over them again and
again, trying to change them, etc. They may often appear to be
meaningless, illogical fantasy scenarios.

Some core images are hidden, i.e., the dream memory causing them is
forgotten (as dreams are often forgotten) and they thus
bury themselves deep into the subconscious mind. There are ways of digging
these up, but this is more advanced and I will not go into this at this

Discovering Core Images:

I discovered the principles of core images and their significance, after
experiencing two strange, disturbing dreams that kept bothering me for
several days after having them.

I began to get suspicious of these dreams, and eventually wondered if
something sinister may be behind them. During meditation, following my
intuition, I relived the first dream. Again this caused mild stress
symptoms, which I ignored. Following an idea, I used my 'awareness hands'
re NEW Energy Ways system (See Astral Dynamics) and pushed
the scenario away from me, in my mind's eye, until it was less than
postcard size (small envelope size). Intuitively, I reached
out and grabbed hold of this image with my awareness hands and tried to
turn it over, to see if anything was beneath it. Feeling a lot of
resistance, I found it would not turn easily. I had so shed some honest
mental sweat over it. Eventually, with great effort, I managed to turn it
over. It moved suddenly, with a 'tearing' sensation inside my mind; I felt
this movement with my awareness hands. Behind it (amazed look)
I found a tree root-like structure, ropy and crystalline, as if it had
been torn out of the ground and damaged, ie, bits of root were broken.

Intuitively, I adapted Dion Fortune's (Psychic Self-Defence)
ritual of severance, to this situation and attacked this structure with a
created sword in my right awareness hand and a burning torch in my left,
repeatedly hacking away at it, then burning it with the torch. I then
tackled the second core image (from dream #2) with similar
results. Of interest, I noted/saw with astral sight, black, ropy lines (about
as thick as a finger)
arcing back from these core pics into my
body and mind. These I also attacked, severed, and then burnt.

(Note: experimentation has shown me that it does not really
matter what you use for this, ie, I often use an imaginary chainsaw and
flamethrower. A flamethrower, you'll find, is good for reaching core
images that appear at a distance in your mind's eye space. A couple of my
volunteers are also having success using an imaginary laser guns and
rocket launchers)

Imaginary weapons and tools, used for this, may seem ridiculous to
some, but think on this: in personal inner-metaspace, these weapons have
just as much substance as the core images they are being used against.
They are in fact composed of a very similar substance: a mind substance.
Once could aptly call this astral matter.

The results of my first experiment were quite amazing. The next day, a
large gristly lump (1/4 the size of a walnut) on the back
of my neck, that I'd had for several years, disappeared; gone overnight.
Probably 50% of the negative internal urges and cravings that had been
troubling me for several months vanished with this lump. I felt lighter,
had more energy, slept better, and nocturnal P attacks on me reduced
significantly. I am also growing stronger by the day, especially in
mental/psychic energy. The attachments I removed seemed to have been
draining me of these.

Of note, for the first three days after removing these core images I
came under significant (but not major) psychic attacks
nightly. But this was quite different from the usual strong attacks I had
been weathering for many years. And now I had something to fight back with
besides water-walking and garlic and etc, i.e., cutting and burning core
images as they appeared in my mind's eye during the attacks. These attacks
quickly reduced, but for a couple of weeks after I felt intermittently
depressed, seemingly lost and empty, but nothing really major. This was
followed by a period of strong positive internal growth.

Logically, I had removed something from inside of me, something that
was influencing/motivating me, and taking up some of my internal personal
space. This took some getting used to, but I soon moved to fill that space
within me (with more of 'me') thus becoming larger and
stronger in the process.

Since removing these first core image attachment points, I regularly
hunt more during meditation and pre-sleep. I have worked my way through a
great many real memories that could contain attachments, including early
childhood memories: sometimes I find them, sometimes not. Its easy to tell
if a core image has nothing attached to it as it turns over easily in your
awareness hands and nothing is seen or felt underneath it. I am also
working through dream and fantasy memories; occasionally finding roots and
other strange looking devices. Sometimes they look like roots, sometimes
like a circuit board stuck to the back of the core image. Sometimes it
will move under my Awareness Hands and reveal a black snake (typical
astral snakes and spiders, etc)

Of note, if nothing is present on a core image, it will turn easily in
your awareness hands. But if one is present, the turning can be quite

However, easily turned image can something have links attached to them
that will lead to real core images. For example, you may easily turn
prospective core image in your Hands, only to find a picture of some
person attached to the underside. Turning this new picture over, again
easily, you find another image, and so on. Eventually, this process leads
to the real core image, which is then treated as usual, i.e., slashed and

Floating Core Images:

Negative energies generate strange patterns and faces and objects in the
mind's eye, seen most clearly during meditation and pre-sleep, where the
sight centre of the brain interprets neg energies as ugly or strange
floating images. I have come to habitually attack anything strange or
ugly-looking in my mind's eye, with my sword and torch. This helps stop
them from attaching and/or reattaching. This can also break any new
psychic attacks and neg. influences associated with floating core images
fairly quickly, while they are at their weakest.

Note: To remove core images, you'll need to have read my book, Astral
Dynamics, specifically the NEW Energy Ways section, for instructions on
using Awareness Hands; or the NEW Energy Ways research tutorial which is
posted on my website. Check my website! Everything needed is there.

Most of my volunteers find a baseball bat, rocket launcher and flame
thrower are a good set of tools. Some prefer to use a laser gun. Myself, I
used my own astral sword, plus a large, burning torch. Traditionally,
these items should be blessed by the name of God and the Holy Spirit. This
does help, but is not absolutely necessary.

Core Image Treatment Instructions:

Grip the image with your awareness hands and push it away from you until
it is postcard sized or smaller in your minds eye. Then turn it over with
your awareness hands. If nothing is behind it it will turn easily. If
something is behind it, it will feel solid and immovable. Lots of effort
is sometimes required to turn it over. Once it is turned over it will be
broken, but will still need destroying with the metasword and burning with
the torch.

Often, when treating a spontaneous core image, this will trigger a
major core image to appear, the one it is attached to. You'll know when
this happens as it'll suddenly get serious and more difficult. When this
happens, fight for all you are worth and never give up. These things
cannot actually hurt you if they are uncovered and fought in an inner-
metaspace battlefield, in the minds eye.

Sometimes you'll see the neg's behind the core images, once core images
have been ripped away. Astral snakes and spiders, often with ET type
heads, are common. Don't be scared, they are ugly but they can't hurt you
at this time. They are the ones vulnerable and exposed. Take advantage of
this to get some payback. Call up all the anger and rage you can and slog
it out; and you'll win every time.

One other addition I have found valuable. Once a core image has been
hacked to pieces and burned, sealing the residue (the dimensional
hole in your personal inner-metaspace it represents)
should be
sealed. Using imagination, imagine any holy symbol that has meaning to
you, i.e., crucifix, pentagram, Start of David, etc. Simply imagine this
being placed over the hole. Repeating this last bit several times (redrawing
it in your minds eye)
is a good idea if you are having trouble
holding the shape of the symbol in your imagination. It is also a very
good idea to bless this creation by saying a prayer after creating it. Ask
for this hole to be sealed in the name of God (or deity of choice)
forever and ever, Amen. And if you are familiar with magical practices,
this symbol can be connected to a reliable power source. (RB)

That Empty Feeling:

After successfully removing a core image, and consequentially breaking a
neg. attachment, it is quite common to experience a period of emptiness,
even depression. This comes from the lost influence, and motivations,
caused by the previously attached neg. An empty space has been created,
vacated, by the evicted neg. This empty feeling may last up to a few
weeks, but eventually ones own personality and mind will grow to fill the
empty space.


Basic Water Crossing Method:

To counter neg. attacks, especially direct attack, the basic water
crossing method is to walk over a garden hose, gushing water along the
ground. An underground water main or stream can also be used: every street
has a water main with water continually flowing through it. As the
majority of direct attacks are centred on the bioenergy roots that extend
from the feet into the ground, this method is very effective.

Running water creates an energy field that 'cleanses' human energy
roots; in effect washing off negative attachments set and used during an
attack. Note that this method does not work as well on long-term resident
neg's that are already entrenched within someone. But the majority of neg.
attacks are made by neg's that are 'not' entrenched, i.e., they do not
have to attack if they are already entrenched.

Running Water Barriers:

(Protecting perimeters of house or room with thin hose barrier)

(Building a cheap recycling unit from small keg or aquarium)

As most neg's cannot cross running water, a perimeter barrier can be
created to protect a room, or even a house, using thin plastic tubing. Any
type of tubing can be used, even copper pipe, but clear oxygen tubing or
black garden reticulation tubing is cheaply available.

To create a perimeter barrier, the tubing should be laid around the
room, on the floor next to the walls. It can be tucked under carpet edges,
tied or held in place by furniture. Tubing should overlap so there are no

Once in place, one end of the tubing can be connected with an adaptor
to a handy tap, and the other end placed outside in a garden, or in a
drain. Only a trickle of water is necessary so minimal water is wasted;
but using a tap is best suited for short-term use.

Water Recirculating Unit:

For long-term use, a simple water-recirculating unit can be made out of a
twenty-litre home brewing keg or a small aquarium, with a small fishpond
or aquarium pump to provide the necessary water flow. A submersible type
pump is best, as these are silent and easier to set up, i.e., you just
connect it to the tubing, drop the pump into the tank, and run the other
end of the tubing back into the tank to make a closed circuit.

For added value, a small filtering unit can be added to the
recirculating unit. This should contain activated charcoal, which is
cheaply available from any pet store where aquarium equipment is sold. The
activated charcoal will help keep the water fresh as well as absorbing
negative energies, which reinforces its effectiveness as a running water
barrier. The filter and water should be changed once a month for general
protection. Change more frequently during periods of neg. attack; daily
during intense attacks. Activated charcoal can be placed in a small gauss
bag and tied over the end of the water return dropper. This addition will
also help to dampen trickling water sounds.

If an aquarium is used, gravel, water plants, under-gravel filters, and
even a light can be added to make the unit more attractive. It is not a
good idea to add fish, as water must be kept fresh, clean and drinkable.
Artificial fish and other such aquarium ornaments are a much better idea.

Artificial Telluric Spring:

The above method can be extended to create an artificial Telluric spring
under a bed. Create the perimeter barrier, as above, then run the tubing
under the bed and coil it in clockwise overlapping loops, covering the
whole underside of the bed. You cannot have enough coils, so make as many
as you can out of what tubing is available; within reason.


  • The artificial spring generates energies that are destructive to
    neg. bioenergy body attachments. This weakens neg's considerably and,
    in time, can rid one of attachments and exorcise troublesome neg's.
    These energies are also protective during psychic attack and
    interference. This is safe for anyone to use, even children.

The above (basic water perimeter) has worked in serious
field situations and helped ward off and wear down major, life-threatening
P attacks. This will not stop inorganic beings projecting (via OBE
type projection)
into a room, but it will contain them within that
room if this happens. In that case, simply changing rooms (moving
to and sleeping in a spare room)
will leave them trapped and allow
peaceful sleep. If problems arise again a few hours later, simply return
to the original room. This makes life very difficult for any attacking or
interfering neg's.

Theoretically, if perimeter in main room is carefully shrunk to the
point where its internal space disappears, and or if another section of
running water hose is passed over the loop (when an attack is known
to be happening)
any projected earthbound-type entities within it
will be destroyed or severely damaged -- cut off from their source of

Other Countermeasures:

Neg's need dark and quiet to manifest and attack in. They also need the
human body to be relaxed. This is part of the reason why neg. related
manifestations normally occur or worsen during the night, and ease during
the daytime.

Turning on an overhead light helps, the brighter the better. If you
cannot sleep with the light on, place a folded black cloth over your eyes.

Turning on a TV or radio, playing softly, also helps. Classical music
is best, something bright and cheerful. The best music of all to counter
neg's are Xmas carols, hymns and nursery rhymes.

If voices are heard, objective or subjective, headphones can be used,
or a pillow speaker, and music played continually, even during sleep. Xmas
carols, hymns and nursery rhymes are excellent for this purpose. You may
not like the music in the long term, but humans have an ability neg's do
not have. Humans can 'tune out' music and sounds heard continually. Neg's
cannot do this. Nursery rhymes, in particular, drive them nuts; therefore
making for an effective countermeasure.

Banging pots and pans together loudly helps break up astral lights and
can break an attack. This method is best used for stronger attacks.

Sliced garlic is a great help for warding off neg's. Garlic must be
sliced. It is virtually useless unless sliced. Garlic works because it
contains a high level of sulphur, and sulphur is detrimental to neg.

Garlic: Garlic can be rubbed into the skin and placed around the
room on counters, as well as under pillows and near feet. The feet are the
most vulnerable target to neg. interference. Symptoms of interference are
pricks and jabs in feet and toes. Rubbing garlic into the feet greatly
reduce their vulnerability. Replace the garlic slices used on a daily

Other herbs and scents that help are: Fringed Violet, Angelsword, (both
can be Applied to the skin or taken internally)
. Rosemary also
helps, and can be made into a tea. This tea is best used as an after
shower body wash. Herbal soaps can also be used.


Belief System Cleanse:

Belief systems, and belief system conceptual filters, are huge and
immensely important related subjects. I am planning to write a book just
on this one subject.

People often wonder how I have got so far in what I do. They wonder how
I seem to know so much about esoteric metaphysical matters. The answer is
way too simple for most people; so simple that they just don't get it. But
that is the way of things. Mind you, I did get a little help and advice
along the way, from a very high level, i.e., my higher self.

All knowledge is available to everyone. But most people refuse to see,
to hear, to realize, because this conflicts with their paradigms, with
their innate conceptions of reality. And there are none so blind as those
who will not see. One must get back to basics, and by so doing to broaden
ones conceptual horizons.

The method, if it can be called such a thing, is absolute honesty with
your own true self. Know yourself, and to your own self be true. Discard
everything not gained via personal experience. Do not take anything as
read. Question everything and find out for yourself by doing and

But this is a very difficult thing to do. We are surrounded by opinions
and these sink into us, into our conceptual belief system filters, and
these shape all our foundation beliefs; if we let them. This we must
resist profoundly.

Look at everything with the eyes of a child: be open minded, non
judgmental, simple, unfettered by the beliefs and opinions and shackles of

Realize that everything, every sense and perception and intuition and
vision and every bit of information gathered outside the physical body,
whether during OBE or altered state, must pass through the belief system
filters in order to be stored as a recognizable memory in the physical

If one tries to download something inspirationally, or through
intuition, deliberately or otherwise, say a round shaped idea, that
contradicts the belief system filters, the result is that a conical shaped
idea gets stored as a memory. This is recognizable, but does not make any
sense to the conscious mind. But it is not the truth.

Instead of an abstract idea, as above, take for example partisan New
Age beliefs about the nature, structure and functions of the spirit world
above us. What if it were not actually like this at all? How would
high-level information, contrary to partisan belief, be affected by this
contradiction? Could it download at all? How would it be changed? And
indeed it will be changed as it passes through the myriad conceptual
belief system filters we all contain.

We strive and plead and beg for the truth, and I assure you it is given
to us all at every turn. But we do not allow ourselves to see it. You see
the majority of us are happy and content with our spiritual blindness.
Even though much of it does not work, its comfortable, so we stick with
it. This is called Maya, the illusion of the physical reality we all
share. And there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Make a list of everything you believe in. Apply total honesty to this
list. Keep everything you have personal experience with. Discard the rest,
but remain open minded. If, for example, you have not experienced OBE, be
open to experiencing it. Put all the stuff you have not proven personally
into a basket of 'possibilities'. And transfer these possibilities
carefully into the 'real stuff' basket as experience is gained. You will
be surprised at how much stuff will never be moved, and will eventually
end up in the trash at life's end.

After one has done ones best to purge his or her belief system filters,
real knowledge comes through the realization process. A progressive number
of small realizations (like pieces of jigsaw) flow into the
mind. This is punctuated by progressively larger and larger realizations.
This is the well-known road to enlightenment; which is described in many
different ways in the world today.

Several years ago, about 1989ish, at about 10pm, I put my family and
house to bed and went to meditate by the fire in my living room. I turned
off the light and walked to my chair, enjoying the cheerful light from my
fire. I got half way across the room and a voice spoke to me. Clear,
objective voice, sounding like someone was standing right next to me. With
the right microphone I could have recorded it.

It was the most beautiful voice I have ever heard; it was a richly
eloquent male voice. It spoke to me of many things, while I humbly stood,
moist-eyed and head bowed before my fire.

The most important thing this being told me was how to progress beyond
my current level. I was stuck and nothing was working. I was trying to see
beyond normal reality, beyond Maya, but kept running into walls everywhere
I looked. The voice told me why this was so, and what I could do about it.
I was advised to dismantle my belief system (to remove my self
imposed limitations)
and to create a fresh one, based solely on
personal experience, and logic based on personal experience, and many of
the things I have said above.

The next day, I made a huge list of my beliefs and applied this advice.
I was profoundly honest and by the time I had finished the list containing
my true beliefs was small indeed. The things I knew were true included:
healing, angels, clairvoyance, OBE, most psychic abilities, and a few
other things; all of which I had sound personal experience with. But a
great many things were not included simply because I lacked the personal
experience to validate them. I went into something I can only liken to
spiritual shock. It took quite some time for my belief system to settle
down, and the temptation to load all my old secure beliefs back in was
strong. But I was hard on myself and succeeded. In time this settled to
become my foundation belief system, upon which I would build as my life

Ever since then I have argued and questioned just about everything. I
take nothing as read. Because of this, most people have found me
disagreeable, because I question their heartfelt beliefs. I did and still
do this as nicely as possible, but it still seems to offend people. I do
not mean to offend. I am what I am and I know what I know. Its not much,
admittedly, and I consider myself to know comparatively little about this
reality we all share. But what I do have is solid (solid to me
, although some things are subject to change without
notice. What with the realization process being what it is, new facts and
ideas are dropping in all the time. But I am slowly weeding out the errors
and upgrading my conceptual belief system filters as best I can.

I take an idea and explore it, test it, live it. If it has merit it
grows. If not it dies and I discard it. My lifelong motto is that one has
to try out 100 crazy ideas before one uncovers a single gem. And if one
does not entertain the crazy ideas, the gems will remain hidden forever.
And man oh man have I tried some crazy ideas out.

Just because one has a strict belief system does not mean that one
cannot try out new ideas, even crazy ones. Ideas, crazy or otherwise, are
not heartfelt beliefs. But the gems one uncovers and proves have the
potential to become true beliefs; even if everyone else disagrees.


NEW: Rapido...

'Rapido', is a powerful NEW body awareness technique that is great for
wearing down energy blockages and attachment points (neg.
attachments, emotional blockages, etc)
. It creates a powerful
ripple wave through the substance of the bioenergy body. It takes more
concentration, but is not really difficult.

Do a sponging bounce action through the whole of your leg from foot to

Increase to maximum speed, feeling the whole inside of your leg.

Concentrate and increase speed further, to a new maximum, taking this
action faster and faster, while applying more and more awareness 'force'.
You'll find the maximum speed is much faster than normal.

When you reach and pass the new speed limit, you'll lose 'feel' contact
and energy sensations will reduce. Back off slightly and regain 'feel' for
the bounce action.

Continue the new bounce speed, concentrating hard while doing it.

If you have a blockage or attachment in the area being bounced, it may
show up as a stinging or aching or cold or tingling patch.

The Rapido technique can be done at a normal level of consciousness,
although it will be more effective if done during trance state.

When bioenergy attachment points or blockages become disturbed, they
will often manifest as a boil or small tumour or other kind of localized
infection. Treat these as you would treat any other infection, and see
your medical doctor as normal. If this infection begins to spread (if
the skin becomes red and this red begins to spread)
I strongly
advise seeing a medical doctor immediately, and getting treatment and
antibiotics. These will help. Rubbing raw garlic, or garlic oil, onto skin
manifestations will also help wear down attachments.

Use Rapido over suspect areas as often as desired. But do not cease the
normal NEW system, as this is necessary to replenish the bioenergy body's
energy supplies, and to promote bioenergy body self-healing.

Note: The Rapido technique will sometimes cause minds eye
visions and images if one is sensitive, and fantasy images in those who
are not so sensitive. These may arise at any time, even days later, and
not just while Rapido is actually being done. These are highly likely to
be the core images associated with the attachment points being worked on
and should be treated accordingly. So keep your eye out for any strange
images and fantasies, day and night, if Rapido has been used.


The Fascination Principle - By Donni Hakanson

Hi y'all,

Robert asked me to write you guys something about "The Fascination
Principal" in the hope I can get a better grip on what has been
happening here. An assignment of sorts, plus I think he is too busy
himself to write it, right now. It was in partial response to an earlier
post I sent him, from a bloke who heard voices in pre-sleep; plus my
not-s-mundane life. This subject has cropped up several times on the
forum. (the voices, not my life, hehehe...)

Here we go....

The Fascination Principal...

... energy flows where your attention goes...

Fascinate -

From the Collins English dictionary:

  1. to attract or delight by arousing interest or curiosity.
  2. to render motionless, as with a fixed stare or by arousing terror or
  3. (archaic) to put under a spell

Quick nsapshot of various (minor) phenomena I have experienced the last
few months, sporadicaly:

  • the gold heart locket to my chain I wear has come off twice, with NO
    unbroken links. Unexplainable by jewellers. Solid chain, solid links.


  • things being moved and put somewhere else - and can't blame the kids
    'cos they're nowhere around!


  • one example - swept the floors, walked out and returned less than a
    minute later, and there is a tidy pile of dirt where I had swept.


  • one more example - the kids are at school, mid-morning, my
    daughter's shoes are at the kitchen sink, as if she were standing in
    them... they were NOT there before. (Robert says this may be linked
    with her, she is about to enter puberty.)


  • things that go bump and crash, upon investigation, nothing is there


  • a foul smell that 'visits' now and again, with no apparent
    causation. (ie can't blame the kids!) This one I can stop in its
    tracks, thanks to the advice in PPSD - change of scenery (move away).
    I might also light a candle and say a prayer, and maybe some incense,
    turn the lights on if it is dark, play some classical/gospel music, or
    really happy happy music, including nursery rhymes.

As to the other phenomena, I try not to give it too much attention. I
refrain from speaking about it to my friends. It happens... I remark to
myself, ok... then I do not dwell on it.

I remember a story Robert told me of seeing a glass stove top being
shattered by a spirit, and something about these ceramic pots and things
being smashed... my experiences are pretty minor.

Robert attributes this, in part, to the fact we have five kids, and
most afternoons there are up to ten or more kids here (we have a great
neighborhood!) - the noise is enough to scare any spook off. Evenings is
veg time, and apparently this can be protective - focus on telly, or a
book, or music... aka... VEG!!!! So our lives have not been too disrupted
by it. In fact, I am not even sure if my better half has noticed anything!
(It mainly happens during the day, as opposed to the norm of occurences at

Robert adds sliced garlic left out as a protective measure, I haven't
tried this yet. Haven't felt the need to. Like, this has been happening
for a few months, and beyond the golf chain, I hadn't even mentioned it to
Robert until last week... which is how this article came to be... :-)

He also suggests the following versicle. It apparently was recited by
Christian saints and carries some power. It also has the benefit of
keeping the mind on something else - counteracting the 'fascination
principal.' This is one of Robert's techniques whilst under heavy
attack... energy flows where your attention goes...

Here is the versicle, with Robert's notes afterwards:


May God be ressurected and His foes vanish.

As wax melts before fire,

As smoke is dispersed by the wind,

So may all who hate the Lord flee from His sight,

And the just rejoice!

RB: "This is used to ward off strong mental attacks. Its an occult
formula designed to draw down help, plus drive off negs, etc. If you ever
need to use this, its important to keep your mind clear and focused 'away'
from the source of attack while repeating this endlessly. Focusing on the
source, as one naturally tends to do, forms the psychic connection
necessary for attacks to escalate. Best to focus on the mundane, while
saying the versicle and keeping one's thoughts clear, and applying
whatever countermeasures are necessary."

So... I hope that helps others. hearing voices - then focus on
something else, don't give them your attention. feeling scared? Turn the
lights on! Sliced garlic everywhere! Play light music! Getting heavy?
Recite the versicle... as well.

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