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What is Cleidomancy?

Author: Strix d' Emerys

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Cleidomancy is a system of divination using a suspended key. It was only to be used when the sun or moon was in Virgo. When the name of the individual being investigated was written on a key which was then tied to a Bible, both were attached to the nail of the ring-finger of a virgin who must repeat softly certain words.

Accordingly, as the key and book remains either moving or stationary, the name of the person being investigated is considered to be right or wrong. The practice was further complicated when ancient diviners included the seven Psalms with litanies and sacred prayers. The practice become more fearful too, for not only did the key and book turned, but the impression of the key had to be found on the victim or he lost an eye.

Another method of this practice with a key and Bible was to place a key to a street door on the fiftieth Psalm, close the volume and then shut it tightly with a garter of a woman. Then it was fastened to a nail, and said to have turned when the name of a suspected thief was mentioned.

A third procedure of this practice involved two persons suspending the Bible between them, holding the ring of the key between their two forefingers.

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