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The Beauty of Friendship

Author: Lorra Robertson

Acquaintance, friend,
lover, partner, soulmate. The pattern of human contact that is so vitally
important to our being. Emotionally, we not only need to feel connected .. we
desire it. But what is a connection? How does it happen?

We know certain
like signs have a better chance at finding a connection. For instance ..
predominate air fares best with other air or predominate fire. Predominate
earth, with other earth or predominate water. But it isn't a given. Connections,
in my opinion, take place because it is meant to be. We all have something to
teach, and we all have something to learn.

*Acquaintances* are casual
friendships. Perhaps a co-worker, a grocery clerk, or bank teller you see often,
a neighbor. We are given numerous opportunities to make acquaintances. For
instance, standing in line in the grocery store. Do you keep to yourself? Or
take advantage of the time you have and greet someone standing next to you?

A *friendship* stems from a successful acquaintance. It is the next
step. The connection. Once a friendship is made, the dynamics change. We are
excited to open up and share experiences of our lives, and it is then that we
have the opportunity to ~learn~ from our new friend's experiences. It is fun to
share. But it is imperative to listen. If we are receptive enough, we come
across many opportunities for friendships. Look at each person you consider a
"friend" and imagine what you have met him/her for. What have they taught you?
What can they teach you, if you allow them? The saying "I am only human" .. fits
well here. We are all human, on the same level .. going through the same perils,
yet why do we still feel the need to compete? Isn't it much easier to help one
another? Isn't it more fulfilling?

When a friendship turns into a
*lover*, it is very exciting! The gratitude for the lessons learned and taught
are unsurpassable. Sometimes we jump right into being lovers before a connection
is formed. Friendship supreme, indeed .. however, it may not necessarily be one
of substance. By substance, I mean .. one that will go further than a physical

Ahhh when we choose a *partner* from a lover. The life
altering, mind boggling, heart thumping, goose pimpling <will stop now>
decision! We have decided this person can teach us sooo much that we cannot live
without him/her. What a wonderful feeling that they feel the same way! It is so
important to ponder <again> the reasons we have met our partner. What is
he/she teaching us? Are ~we~ coming from a good place, in dealing with our
partner? Are we receiving?

*Soulmates*! One is very lucky to come across
a soulmate. They are souls we have been with before, and lessons learned are the
most intense and dramatic. You have been reunited with a person who knows what
you need, who is aware of your weaknesses .. who can teach you all you need ..
if you are receptive enough. If and only if.

Let us not find ourselves
insecure. Each and every time we come across a challenge, something that pushes
us into that *jump into defense mode* wagon .. take a moment to think that
maybe, just maybe .. you are being given a gift. If you learn this lesson, you
may not have to go through it again. So priceless.

Acquaintance, friend,
lover, partner, soulmate.

Will you take advantage of talking to the
person standing next to you in line?

At least smile.

In the very
least, you just may make someone's day!

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