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Tom Cruise

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Born - 3nd july 1962 in Syracuse U.S.A. - Cancer

Looking at the position of the Sun and the Moon in Cancer, we can say that Tom appears to be a particularly moody and stubborn person; he does not like people invading his privacy and when someone is trying to cause him damage, he reacts very aggressively and it is difficult that he forgives you when he has been wronged, to the point that he is easily inclined to take legal action. His personality appears to be particularly reserved and he often builds a wall around himself in order not to let other people know about the emotions and matters that worry him and make him unstable.

He is very distrustful and, generally, when he sees too much availability around himself, thinks that these people want something from him or want to take advantage of his image. In dealing with life he appears to be a pessimist and he is convinced of not being able to succeed in handling a particular situation up to the last moment. During his teenage years he probably had some fixations; maybe he did not like himself physically and something intimate was troubling him up to the point to have lived a crisis around the age of twenty.

The relationship with his family appears to be excellent, especially with his mother who must have been for him a role model to follow in every occasion. Eventually, he has distanced himself from his closest family members, partly because of working engagements, partly because he got tired of having to deal with their problems.

In the love sector he appears to have had only two important relationships and after the separation from Nicole Kidman, with whom he will stay friends, it is difficult that he will have a serious relationship with anyone else; so he will have easily some occasional affairs or short-term relationships, for at least five years.

Anyway, Tom will reach his emotional balance around the age of forty-five and he will find harmony and serenity again.

In the work sector, looking at his birth Jupiter in Pisces, which gives him a great intellectual capability and an excellent intuition, we receive further confirmation that he has been very successful so far and it appears that he will continue to be so in the following years; in fact, in about two years' time he will get a big international acknowledgement that will be more important than any other he got so far.

From a financial point of view, he appears to have reached an excellent balance, but his finances will grow further and he will be able to make some profitable investments thanks to his exceptional nose.

In the friendship sector, he appears to be very selective and he does not like to have around people with inferior social status. He has a very few real friends but he does not seem to worry too much about that as he likes to isolate himself.

His health appears to be good; his weak points are the respiratory tract and the lower limbs.

So do the stars say!

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