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Author: Anja Heij

Peace is inner stillness, it is the tranquility of the soul in which all motions subside and each thought and desire loses its importance.

Peace is fulfillment in Nothingness, your home in eternity. It means resting in the womb of the Void and riding the clouds of the gods. It does not mean that life has to be to your contentment; your existence can be greatly disrupted and yet you can experience profound inner peace in which every ripple of life has its place. Peace unfolds when you open up in honesty and acceptance of all facets of your life, and it will supply the unshakable certainty that a divine Source guides your path and will help to find a better road.

In peace there is nothing to win, nothing to lose, nothing to achieve, nothing to become – peace is the smile of your pure being, clothed with deep love and compassion.

Peace is loving without wanting, sensing lust and simply enjoying it, laughing without a particular thought, being happy without a reason.

In peace you feel beautiful, self-worthy, innerly strong, erotic, radiating love from every pore, experiencing fire in your heart, and strongly being in love with life. Peace goes through the heart, but is not restricted to the heart; it encompasses everything and beyond.

In peace there is no center of the world; there’s only expanding endlessness, and you are part of an undefined Whole of goodness. In peace you are in communion with your angel, happily offering your self to your Self, only to smile in recognition – you are One on the ever-deepening road to Oneness.

In peace you are the Goddess with her mystery, embracing love and compassion - and you are the God with his shooting light and passion.

In peace you embody the star you are, and the ones who oppose you are recognized as other precious stars, shining another variation of Oneness. Not that you have to agree with these other stars, but when you are in harmony with yourself there’s no need to regard different-minded stars as enemies.

Peace can never be secured with arms, but it can be found when you connect with an expression of what you really are: life, love and infinity.

Open up for a flower, breathe in the consciousness of the sea or a wood, greet the moon and the mountains, meditate, become a child with children, immerse in a great piece of art, laugh, dedicate yourself to what you really want to do, let go in a sexual dance with someone you love, stroke an animal, enjoy watching people, or enjoy the silence. If things are not okay in your life, face them, believe that a good solution will be found, and also look at the things that work out fine. When negative feelings tend to hurt you, just let it be; perfection is an ever-evolving phenomenon.

In this peace ideas and restrictions you had about yourself could fall into pieces. You could be moved to tears by experiencing the enormous depth of the connection between your self and the Divine. And you could find the courage to joyfully try out a new you.

Somehow innerly stand still and become aware – which means putting your full consciousness there where you really find yourself. Peace will be yours.

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