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How to find a Coven or Group

Author: Sorita
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If you are looking for a group then going out and meeting people and talking, asking questions and
showing your intent of finding a group are the most important steps.

If you stay at home and never mingle with other people then don't expect anything to happen. This
is not a 'spoonfed' path to walk, there is a lot of serious work involved and when you do find a
group,the work doesn't stop.

Joining a Coven means giving up a lot of free time, subsituting social time for Coven time and
spending a lot of time studying and experiencing... So which ever path you follow, and which ever
type of group you are seeking - make an effort and be patient.

In big cities such as the one we live in, London (UK) there is no reason to say 'But there is
nothing to go to'. There are online organisations such as WWL (http:
// who keep their members informed of social
events, workshops, training groups, conferences and open rituals. The WWL also organise events
just for their members, so that you can meet the faces behind the names.

In parts of the world it is not that easy, and you might have to travel to attend conferences or
workshops. This might seem like a lot of work just to meet other people, but if you are serious
then travel should not deter you from your path.

When you do get the oppurtunity to meet other Pagans make an effort to ask around about open
groups and other events. As the organisers of the event if they know of groups which might be
taking on new trainees.

It is important to note that even in big cities such as London there are very few new groups
forming and the groups in existance might only take on a trainee every few years. Those who do
might expect to interview you to see if you will fit in with the rest of their group. If this
happens take the oppurtunity to interview them too! Be honest with them, but make sure that their
answers also satisfy you. Ask what they will be expecting from you and what training they will be
providing you with.

Unfortunately there are still some dubious groups using the name of Wicca to cover other
activities. Do not just join a group because they happen to be the first one which approaches you!


You should feel comfortable with your HPS & HP;

Sex should not be expected in return for training,
nor should it be part of your initiation;

You should not be expected to contribute large sums of
money in return for training - although you should expect to contribute towards temple expenses;

Confidentiality is VERY important in Wiccan groups;

Expect a lot of hard work!

Finally you should enjoy being part of the group you join!

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