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Ever Seen an Aura?

Author: Atham Z
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Of course you have, or at least a picture of one!

Although aura reading has become stock in trade for some
psychics, everyone has seen pictures of what aura readers
visualize with their "third" eye. Consider the paintings of
the birth of Christ that we are all so familiar with, done by
the old masters. That golden or white emanating glow, which
is usually depicted as a light coloured semi-circle around and
above at least the head of the Christ child, if not Joseph and
Mary as well - well that's an aura. Just about every major
culture and religion has recorded stories about great teachers
or holy men and women with visible halos.

Such purity to have a nice white glowing aura is not so common
for the rest of us. We aren't all saints after all.
Aura's come in the full colour spectrum, with each colour
representing a different state of health or spirituality to the
reader. Readers seem to develop their individual systems of
understanding for the colours they see. What is commonly
understood is that fading out or dark sections of auras mean
diminished vitality or serious illness or some kind of deficit
in the person's life.

One commonly accepted set of colour interpretation rules are as follows:

Red - passion or anger

Blue - spirituality

Yellow - high intellect or degree of intellectual activity

Brown - greed

Green - jealousy

Dull colours, browns, grays, or other muddy hues often indicate
fatigue or illness.

Some healers begin work with an auric diagnosis, studying the
band of colours to determine the exact nature and location of

Auras are also rarely such regularly shaped glows as depicted
by the painters. They can have long amoeba like fingers
stretching out of them, they can extend several feet above the
person or sometimes they can be less than an inch thick and
tightly 'bound' near the person's head. Of course the shape of
the aura tells the reader about how the person is coping with
life as well.

Nowadays there is even equipment for photographing auras. This
equipment was developed from Kirlian photography which became
famous in the 1950's for catching on film the energy fields
(bio plasmic energy) generated by leaves that remained intact
in photos taken after sections of the leaves were amputated.
Some aura readers and "healers" like to take before and after
pictures which show the post "treatment" aura to be more in the
shape depicted for the Christ child, in other words 'healthier'.
It amazes me how readily we accept the "aura" standards set in
the past by those ecclesiastical enthusiasts, or perhaps those
painters should be recognized for their rather accurate
intuitional depiction of auras?

One of the easiest methods by which to see an aura is to
situate the person to be 'read' in a dimly lit room in front
of a light or dull coloured wall or screen.
Some readers begin by placing their hands palms down, an
inch or two over the top of the subject's head and then
concentrate their energies.
They then move their hands, continuing to keep them an inch
or two from the subject's person with their palms sweeping
out and away from the person.
I don't utilize any hand motions myself.
I find it helpful to back away about six feet and focus my
eyes an inch or two from the person's head, while blocking
everything else out of my mind. Sometimes it helps to
squint while concentrating.

Researchers believe that people who are satisfied with their
own lives and their own current state of affairs make the best
aura observers. They experience less distraction to interfere
with their performance.
Have patience and stare for a few moments, and the subject can
help by concentrating on projecting his/her aura. After you
have learned to see an aura deliberately like this, you will
probably spontaneously begin to pick up the bands of colourful
energy around the people you associate with on an everyday
basis. Aura gazing is one area where "practice does make

Good luck and have fun!

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