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Are You Psychic? How to Evaluate your Own PSI Talents.

Author: Atham Z
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It is my belief that everyone has some psychic skill, which
they choose to develop, ignore or eliminate to the best of
their abilities.

The following is a short ESP potential test that can be
quickly evaluated with only "yes" or "no" answers.

  1. Do you sometimes know who is calling before you pick up
    the telephone?

  2. Are there times during conversations when you know ahead
    of time what someone else is going to say?

  3. Do you occasionally experience a sense of "deja vu", the
    feeling that you have previously experienced something,
    or have already seen something that is happening to you?

  4. Are animals attracted to you, and do you silently
    communicate well with family pets?

  5. Are your dreams sometimes prophetic, or a help with
    problem solving?

  6. Do you ever know ahead of time that the phone is going
    to ring, or that someone is about to enter your office
    or knock on your door?

  7. Have you ever had a presentiment of an unexpected death
    or other tragedy before it occurred, or simply had a sense
    that something was wrong and subsequently discovered that
    you were correct?

  8. Have you ever seen or heard or touched a ghost?

  9. Have you ever shared thoughts or emotions with a close
    relative or friend over a long distance without using
    traditional methods of communication, such as telephone
    or mail?

  10. . Have you ever "heard" someone else's thoughts in your

  11. Do you have periods of heightened sensitivity to noise,
    lights or crowds?

  12. Do you regularly sense the feelings of other people?

  13. Do you ever manage to see "things" such as lights or
    illuminations out of the corner of your eye, usually
    around other people and animals?

  14. Have you ever sensed someone or something around you
    when you were physically alone?

If you have answered all fourteen of the questions
affirmatively, your psychic potential is nearly unlimited.
A score of between eight and thirteen 'yes' answers, places
you in the high range of definitely having some psychic skills.
A score of five, six or seven means your ESP powers are lying
just under the surface of your consciousness and can be easily
called upon to help you achieve your desires and life goals.
All is not lost if you scored four or lower, it just means that
you will have to work a bit harder to open your psychic
channels and realize your full ESP potential.

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