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Creative Visualization or How to get What You Want as opposed to What You Need!

Author: Atham Z
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I have proven to myself that one can visualize what one wants
into reality. Sometimes this process takes time, much time,
as in years, but it generally works.

Robert Taylor of the Success Training Academy and
Julia Jablonski of the Psychic Journal, say:

"The main concept we have to remember is that what we believe,
we attract into our lives. If we believe we are always ill,
we will be. If we believe we are healthy, then it is what
will manifest into our lives. There is Power in Belief. If
you work with it, you open doors to a limitless dimension!
There are natural spiritual laws that govern our power to
create what we want in our lives. With the metaphysical law
of attraction in mind, obviously you want to be very positive
and optimistic in your outlook so that you will attract those
developments in your life. This is much more than just
'positive thinking.' Creative visualization is a process that
changes our lives by creating images in our minds that ultimately
become reality. These images are first just anticipation, but
they quickly become an expectation, and finally an intrinsic
belief. Over time you 'know' that this will become a reality in
your life. Since you are creating your life every day, you are
also creating your future.

"As human beings we are both living magnets and power sources
of human energy--a yin and yang in oriental thinking. We
radiate out our unique energy, and we attract into our lives
those people and circumstances that are in tune with our unique
thoughts. You attract to yourself what you radiate out from
yourself, whether it is positive or negative.

"What a person thinks about all the time is attracted into his
life. Someone who is passionately consumed with a belief or
concept is a person who will have that preoccupation become a
reality in his or her life.

"It is your 'self' that determines your fate and nothing and no
one else. The self-determination you feel within gives you the
strength to overcome all the obstacles you will face in life.
You must take personal responsibility for your actions and the
results in your life. Your "self" must become strong and
determined. You succeed through self-determination.

"Whatever you believe with absolute conviction and confidently
expect to happen becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and will
become a reality in your life. Most important are your
convictions and expectations. If you believe something with
absolute conviction, you also expect it to become true. There
is a powerful force in your will to succeed. You will
instinctively take the appropriate actions that will bring
about the results you reverently desire.

"Getting deeply into the feeling state you desire is what works
the magic."

I will walk you through the process here.

First, figure out what you really want. It needs to be
something tangible, as opposed to something like attention or
affection from another person. Changing the actions of another
person is beyond anyone's scope, all we can control are our own
attitudes and actions. Keep your desire positive, because
wishing harm or misfortune on someone else is unethical in a
psychic sense. Examples of visualizable items would be a brand
new vehicle or a six figure bank account.

Next, make sure that you are very specific about what you want.
Merely wanting any new vehicle or to hold a cheque for
$100,000.00 might come literally true for you. A new to you
clunker that won't run a mile or passing a cheque for that sum
to someone else might be the literal manifestations of an
unclear focus.
You need to specifically see this item in your world, as in a
shiny new car (make and colour of your choice) in your driveway
or those six figures in your passbook for your bank or a certain
item in a place of your choice in your home.

Next train your mind to daydream about this item when it
wanders or drifts from whatever you are concentrating on.
This is very important, to think as often as possible about
the impact this specific item will have on your life. The
average length of daydreams is only 14 seconds, and many are
5 seconds or less. Men and women spend about the same amount
of time during the day daydreaming. So put this time to work
for yourself. Some experts suggest cutting out pictures of
what you are striving for or burning ritual candles, but I have
never had go to those lengths to achieve my "wants". Make a
habit of talking about this item to yourself within the silent
dialogue that is usually running within your mind.

Never loose faith, but believe that you will achieve this
seemingly impossible goal. Of course this item is not going to
fall out of the sky into your life, so whatever opportunities
that might perhaps lead you toward the goal, grasp them.
When one pathway seems blocked or your efforts appear futile,
tackle the steps that might lead to your fulfillment from a
different direction.

Tell folks that you trust about your "want" and your methods
of visualizing it into reality. Maintaining a positive
attitude and faith in your self are crucial to achieving what
you want.

If at all possible, do without what you are visualizing rather
than settle for second best. A partial fulfillment of your
"want" can cause you to loose focus and not put the necessary
energy into realizing/constructing your dream.

Dr. Gary Emery, a UCLA psychologist, suggests these tips about
how to make your daydreams realize your goals:

"Realize that daydreams are important, and not a waste of time.
'They are visions of how we want things to be. They give us
hope. Many of man's great achievements came from people who
dared to turn their day dreams into reality.'

"Dream the impossible dream.
'Don't squelch your imagination, no matter how far-fetched or
ridiculous your daydream may seem. Let your mind run free
and produce goal oriented daydreams.'

"Psychologists say daydreaming can be an effective way to
initiate positive life changes. Imagining goals for example,
can be the first step toward making them come true."

So, get started by specifically choosing what you want to have
as a reality in your life and then visualize and dream about it.

Good Luck!

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