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Kissing Under the Mistletoe

Author: Atham Z
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The Druids considered the mistletoe to be a sacred plant and
believed it had miraculous properties which could cure illnesses,
serve as an antidote against poisons, ensure fertility and protect
against the ill effects of witchcraft.

Moreover, whenever enemies met under the mistletoe in the forest,
they had to lay down their arms and observe a truce until the next
day. From this has seemingly come the ancient custom of hanging a
ball of mistletoe from the ceiling and exchanging kisses under it
as a sign of friendship and goodwill.

Another version, however, says that this custom, which was widespread
among the Anglo-Saxons, was connected to the legend of Freya, goddess
of love, beauty and fertility. According to legend, a man had to kiss
any young girl who, without realizing it, found herself accidentally
under a sprig of mistletoe hanging from the ceiling.

Even if the pagan significance has been long forgotten, the custom
of exchanging a kiss under the mistletoe can still be found in many
European countries. Thus if a couple in love exchanges a kiss under
the mistletoe, it is interpreted as a promise to marry, as well as
a prediction of happiness and long life. In France, the custom
linked to mistletoe is reserved for New Year's Day: "le Gui du Jour
de l'An" (Mistletoe for the New Year). In Italy mistletoe is
exchanged as a gift near to the year end and is then hung up by the
entrance doorway until the next year's holiday season when it is
burned in the family's fireplace and replaced by a fresh sprig.
Today, in our North American culture, kisses can be exchanged under
the mistletoe any time during the holidays.

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