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Book Review: Halloween by Silver Ravenwolf

Author: M.L. Benton

Copyright © October, 2001, All Rights Reserved.
M. L. Benton, Publisher, Echoed Voices.

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Author Silver RavenWolf, who has brought us such books as "Teen Witch," "To Light a Sacred Flame" and "To Stir a Magick Cauldron", to name just a few...has delighted us with Halloween.

Come and explore how the Old Word Traditions of Samhain and Halloween began. As you read the pages, you will be transported in time from the Old World into the New. Discover why Samhain is such a wonderful and important Sabbat.

Learn how to celebrate Halloween in the Pagan Tradition of today. From the first page to the last, the book is filled with Halloween Magick, Myths and Superstitions, Divinations, Rites and Recipes from the Kitchen. Whether you are a practicing Solitaire, a member of a Coven, Grove or Circle, or just looking for ideas to entertain the kids, there is something here for you.

Want to learn a Ritual to Honor the Dead, or how to make Magick Mirrors for Divination? Need some goodies for a party? (Try making Snakes in the Graveyard Dust. They are delicious and the kids will love them.) Ever wondered how to make a Corn Husk Dolly? Silver hasn't left this tradition out. Not only does she give you step by step directions, she also provides diagrams along the way.

Halloween is not only insightful and enlightening, Halloween is a light-hearted and fun book. I highly recommend this book, not just to the pagan community, but to all communities.

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