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Book Review: Recipes from a Vegetarian Goddess by Karri Ann Allrich

Author: M.L. Benton

Copyright © October, 2001, All Rights Reserved.
M. L. Benton, Publisher, Echoed Voices.

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Artist, Author and Goddess in her own right, Karri Ann Allrich, has opened up a whole new world in cookbooks. To not only tantalize the taste buds, but to awaken the spiritual in us all.

She brings enjoyment back into cooking, by showing us the spiritual side to preparing meals. Interweaving of Deities Lore, Seasons and Food Recipes, she reminds us again to rejoice in life's simple pleasures and thank Goddess for her gifts. Season to season, from the easy to follow recipes to the staples of a vegetarian kitchen, this cookbook is complete.

After you read, "Recipes from a Vegetarian Goddess" you will not want to go into the kitchen without picking up this book. Karri has reminded us to bring the seasons back to the kitchen, not just at our altars.

I encourage all to purchase this book, and awaken the Goddess in you.

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