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Book Review: A Witch's Book of Dreams by Karri Ann Allrich

Author: M.L. Benton

Copyright © October, 2001, All Rights Reserved.
M. L. Benton, Publisher, Echoed Voices.

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Artist and Author Karri Ann Allrich has enriched us all with,
"A Witches Book of Dreams."
For anyone, who has ever feared or questioned a dream, this is the book for you. I have never seen a book with such an extensive "Dream Dictionary" in it as this one.

Karri enlightens the reader with easy to read samples and explanations. She doesn't dictate with her book but instead encourages the reader to open up their mind, awaken their spirit and think for themselves, to decipher their own dreams in their own way.

Once this is accomplished, the answers are all there. She brings the wisdom of Jung, and the spiritual of Goddess. With this combination you couldn't go wrong.

Karri Allrich has filled the void in the pagan market with subject matter and viewpoint. For all who dream, "A Witches Book of Dreams" is a must have!

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