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Calabrese, Adrian

Author: M.L. Benton

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Adrian Calabrese, Ph.D. Adrian Calabrese, Ph.D., Msc. D., C.H., holds a
doctorate in Psychical Research, another in Metaphysics, and is a Certified
Clinical Hypnotherapist. A psychic, channel, medium, holistic practitioner,
inspirational speaker and minister, she has worked extensively with intuitive
and pastoral counseling, past life regression, and spiritual energy healing, and
is the founder and director of the Metaphysical Center for Arts & Sciences
and pastor of the Metaphysical Church of the Spirit. Her other talents include
backgrounds in performance, art, and communications; she may be seen on Media
One’ News Center 6 in Wappingers Falls, New York, as a television

>From Llewellyn Wordwide

By M.L.

Ms. Calabrese, I would like to start this interview
with a short bio. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

you know, I have a Ph.D. in Psychical Research and another doctorate, an Msc.D.
in Metaphysics. I am a former high school teacher and college professor, theater
actress/ director/singer, and TV weather anchor. I must admit, until Spirit led
me to my purpose, I had many careers. All of which have contributed tremendously
to my current work. All rewarding, all necessary. I pursued my doctoral fields
after having a life-changing psychic-spiritual experience.

Can you tell
us about your own Spiritual Path? When did it come to you?

My spiritual
path began when I met my spirit guide, Roger, in August, 1990. I heard the voice
of my guide, Roger, and knew that at that precise moment, my future would have
to be in service to others and to Spirit.

How do you feel this has
inspired you?

I trained and became a Metaphysical minister using my
psychic-intuitive gifts to counsel and heal. In the process, I founded the
Metaphysical Church of the Spirit, and the Metaphysical Center for Arts &
Sciences, here in New York.

What inspired you to take up with these
fields? It states at Llewellyn Worldwide you are the Weather Anchor at Media
One’ News Center 6 in Wappingers Falls, New York. Can you tell our readers what
lead you to take this on? What is it like?

I was teaching Radio and
Television Communications at Marist College in New York, when I was offered the
position of Weather Anchor at MediaOne. Since I was no stranger to television,
broadcasting and the media (I hold a B.A. and M.A. in Communications, as well) I
jumped at the chance. The TV news business is fast-paced and exciting. Even the
weather report can change in an instant, and the anchors have to be always on
their toes, ready to handle any immediate crisis. For me, the most challenging
events were major weather conditions, like heavy snows, tornadoes, hurricanes
and the like.

You are founder and director of the Metaphysical Center
for Arts & Sciences and pastor of the Metaphysical Church of the Spirit. Can
you describe what this organization is and a little about the Church of Spirit?

The Metaphysical Center is an educational and counseling hub where I
conduct my courses in Metaphysics, counsel clients, do spiritual healings,
channeling, mediumship, and the bulk of my private session work. The Church of
the Spirit is a tax exempt, nondenominational church, sanctioned by New York
State. Our beliefs are similar to those of Religious Science and Unity churches,
taking a holistic approach to enlightenment. We believe that the body, mind, and
spirit must work together in creating peace, joy, abundance, and harmony, in
order for us to grow spiritually. We also believe that our primary purpose for
this life is to serve our Creator and others, considering only the highest and
greatest good of all.

How would you still like to grow in this area?

I am always growing, and learning, and cherish every moment.

Available at

You have written a wonderful book
titled, "How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted" Complete Guide to Using Your
Psychic Sense. Can you elaborate for us on what inspired you to write a book on
this particular subject?

Thanks for the compliment about my book! I
wrote the book because in my own life, I found myself in heavy debt, depressed,
without a job or a place to live. Over time, in study and prayer, I discovered
my own inner power and harnessed it to make miracles happen in my life.
Subsequently, in my work, counseling and teaching, I found that most people had
no clue as to how to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. Most
folks are willing to hand over their power to outside energies, rather than use
the power that lies within to achieve all they desire in life. The power to
manifest our hearts' desires is readily available to us, and I felt I could give
folks that direction, because I had lived it myself.

I would like to go
through many of the chapters of this wonderful book. Lets start by discussing
the layout. You have provided step-by-step topics, directions, exercises and 60
affirmations. How difficult is it to tap into your psychic senses, for someone
with no experience?

You don't need special powers to tap into your
psychic self. We are all born with it. That's the beauty of it! In the book I
tried to make the process as easy as possible. If you are faithful to the
exercises and do the work with focus and intention, anyone can begin immediately
to utilize his/her psychic power and achieve their dreams.

In Part Two,
Chapter 5 is titled Giving What You Want a Face. Can you tell our readers what
this means and how does it work?

Chapter 5 deals with visualization. In
order to draw your request to you, you must have a picture of it in your mind's
eye. You must see yourself achieving your goals and actually feel the emotions
of the moment. The book, of course goes into detail, but essentially, the
thought energy you project into the Universe takes on laser-beam quality when
you enhance and energize it with pictures and feelings. Your request is
perceived by the Universe more rapidly, your mind is more focused, and
therefore, your desires manifest more easily and quickly!

In Part Two,
Chapter 7, you discuss getting inside and outside help. You speak of animals,
angels, and spirit guides. Can you explain how this works?

There is so
much help available to us in the Universe. If you ever falter in your efforts to
draw what you want into your life, you can seek help from your spirit guides,
angels and other energies in spirit to assist you in keeping your focus.
Remember, you're doing the work, you're drawing what you want, not the outside
energies. They only serve to keep you focused and/or give you guidance. Don't
expect them to do the job for you.

In Part Three, Chapter 12, you
discuss being grateful. The topics in this chapter are Just Ask, Gratitude is a
magnet, The Universal law of Circulation, Don't Give to Get, Contentment Breeds
Power and Believe and Affirm. Can you explain the areas of The Universal Law of
Circulation and Don't Give to Get?

Probably the most attractive energy
you can send into the Universe is gratitude. By projecting it, you tell
God/Goddess/All There Is, etc., that you believe that you already possess what
you are requesting, and that you trust implicitly that it is on its way into
your life. That is faith. Therefore, you thank the Creator in advance, thereby
putting forth an attitude of confidence and receptivity. The Universe then
answers to this by giving you more reason to be grateful, hence your request
materializes. Cool, huh? When I say, "Don't Give To Get" I'm saying that you
must be ready to give of your time, talent and money to others who need it,
without expecting a return. This is true spiritual giving. When this energy is
perceived by the Universe, you are automatically able to draw more time, talent
and money, via the Law of Circulation, because your intention is pure. It's a
fabulous spiritual loop!

In Part Three Chapter 13, You discuss
Preparation Affirmations. Why do you feel this is so important?

Preparation Affirmations prepare your psyche to manifest. They are
designed to remove fear or blocks. That is why they are so important.

Also in this Chapter is Manifesting Affirmations. Can you tell our
readers how this works?

Manifesting Affirmations send the message in
verbal form to the Universe. They are necessary to reinforce our thought forms
and focus our intention. They work like bullets to carry our message to Spirit.
In the book, I give explicit instructions as to how to write them and use them
to your best advantage.

What is the one thing you hope we will gain from
reading this book and going through this program?

I hope that my readers
will find their God-Power, most of all. If we can recognize that intrinsic inner
strength, nothing is impossible.

Can you tell us a little about past
life regression? Also why you feel this is so important?

Past life
regression is important, because it can help us understand why we're blocking
certain achievements from manifesting in our lives. Past lives hold a treasure
of information that can help us release our current inhibiting circumstances,
and also show us our strengths.

Can you tell us your personal views on

I am a believer in reincarnation. I feel we are here on
this planet to learn lessons, resolve karma and grow in enlightenment.
Reincarnation implies that we have the opportunity to correct past imbalances
(negative karma) and create good (positive karma) for the world.

Can you
tell us what you are working on now? Are there more books in your future?

My second book, Beyond Belief: 10 Spiritual Steps to Creating A Magical
Life, is currently in my publisher's, Llewellyn Worldwide, hands. I'm awaiting
its publication.

Can you tell us a little more about this second book?

It's a guide for all those wishing to begin a spiritual journey, and
gives step-by-step instruction as to how to embark on a life of Spirit, and how
to proceed on your path, if you have already begun. It guides folks to the right
resources to explore to expand their knowledge base, including books, mentors,
classes, and describes the paths available to the spiritual seeker.

is it different from other books?

This subject has not been handled
before in such an easy, user friendly way.

I'm also working on my third
book, Emerging Spirit: Complete Guide To Understanding Spirituality and
Metaphysics, which defines and clarifies the principles of metaphysics and
spirituality in today's world. I'm also getting ready to deliver a one-day
seminar on manifesting at the prestigious, Wainwright House, in Rye, NY, on
Sept. 23, 2001.

If your readers in the NY, NJ, CT areas would like to
attend, they can call them at 914-967-6080, or check them out at Readers can also reach me at my e-mail address, or through 

Can you tell us
about your magickal life, and what it means to you?

All of life is
magickal to me, and I endeavor to live each day in wonder of the greatness that
is Spirit!

If there was one thing in your life you could change, what
would it be?

That's a good question. Now you're really making me think!
If there were anything I could change in my life it would be to have begun my
spiritual work sooner. But, I realize that everything is in Spirit's hands and
all occurs in its right and perfect time, so I suppose that's my human side
lamenting a bit. I really have all that I could ever hope for, and wouldn't
really change my path, because I have learned so much and have come so far on
this journey. And for all of it, I am truly grateful.

What are some of
the goals you would like to accomplish in this lifetime?

Goals, goals, I
always have goals. I'd like to write more books, speak to groups across the
country and throughout the world, and host a TV show dedicated to helping folks
achieve their life's goals and desires, using their Spirit-Power within.

If you could share with and teach the world one thing, what would it be?

That we all have within us the ability to achieve anything we choose,
because within us resides the most powerful force in the Universe - God.

I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule
to do this interview for us. I wish you much success! May the Light always be
upon you...May Love always surround you.

I'd like to thank you for
giving me the opportunity to speak to your readers, and I thank them for

Blessings to all! Go in Light and Love

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