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People of the Book: Fighting the Holy War

Author: J. T. McAlister

Copyright © November 2001. All rights reserved

At the heart of most of the world's great religions, there is a sacred text.
This is usually a compilation of the words of the enlightened founder of the
path or the interpretations of the life and teachings of this founder. Within
this text is contained the doctrine of the faith, and, invariably, the path of
salvation as defined by the Master, be he Prophet, Buddha, Guru or Philosopher.
The greatest irony of the human condition is that men have fought and died
because of the differences in their interpretations of these words of faith and
salvation. And nowhere have these wars been more bloody or protracted that among
those I call the People of the Book.

The religion of the People of the
Book was founded by the Hebrew patriarch Abraham around 2000 BCE. The original
branch of this religion, the oldest of the monotheistic faiths, is Judaism. The
Judaic version of the Book, which is considered to be the divine revelation of
the will of God, is known as the Torah. The Torah is, specifically, the five
books of Moses, but can broadly be conceived of as the Hebrew Scriptures - the
Old Testament, as the second branch of the religion, the Christians, call it.
The Christian version of the Book is known as the Bible. The Bible consists of
the Old Testament of Judaism and the New Testament, which contains
interpretations, divinely revealed, of the life and teachings of Jesus of

The third branch of the Abrahamic religion is known as Islam,
and the Islamic version of the Book is the Qur'an. Again, the Qur'an is the
"uncreated, eternal Word of God" revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, the last in
the line of prophets that began with Abraham and included Jesus of Nazareth.

Each of these original three branches is now considered to be a separate
religion, and each has splintered into various cults, sects and faiths. Each
claims to have the only, "true", version of the Book, which is the "divine
revelation" of the Will of God.

For over three thousand years, the
followers of this religion have been at war with the rest of the world and with
each other. Beginning with the subjugation of Canaan around 1200 BCE, the People
of the Book, in their various guises, have gone on to conquer most of the world.

Today, the branches of this religion are engaged in a global conflict,
the details of which are all too horrifyingly familiar. This is the Holy War,
the war of the Zealots, the Crusaders and the Assassins.

The concept of
a three thousand year war is so unbelievable that it will be relegated to the
realm of fantasy by most of you. Yet, the myths persist; tales of secret
societies who manipulate secular political events, fanatics who seek to either
convert or kill those who will not acknowledge the True Faith, visionaries who
plan campaigns based on the symbolic coincidence of sidereal movements and
apocalyptic dates.

People of intelligence and logic may reject these
myths; True Believers do not. According to the Book, God promised Abraham that
his descendants would rule the world through the Messiah, the promised Savior of
Mankind. Abraham was the father of both Isaac, from whom followers of the Judaic
religion claim descent, and Ishmael, from whom those of Islam make the same

The Christian right to inherit the earth is more tenuous,
based on the belief that Jesus of Nazareth was the Savior, and that, by failing
to acknowledge His Messianic Advent, the other two branches of Abrahamism
forfeited their right of inheritance. The Celts, notably the Irish, further
strengthen the Christian position by claiming descent from Abraham through the
"Lost Tribes" of Israel. The Welsh go even further, tracing the bloodline of
their kings back to Anna of Arimathea, daughter of Joseph, the legendary uncle
of Jesus.

"This is a new kind of, a new kind of evil. ... And the
American people are beginning to understand. This crusade, this war on terrorism
is going to take awhile." - George W. Bush

Contrary to Bush's statement,
terrorism is not a "new" kind of evil. In fact, the current brand of terrorism
can be traced back to the religious sect founded in 1090 CE by al-Hasan
ibn-al-Sabbah, from which we derive the word, "assassin".

According to
Islamic scholar Edward Burman, the Assassins were a "ruthless, closed, secretive
- even occult - society", which often used murder and guerrilla warfare to
achieve its aims. The Assassins were known for their willingness to sacrifice
their own lives for their cause. Marco Polo reported that they used techniques
that we would call brain washing to indoctrinate recruits. This involved the use
of drugs and the transfer of the drugged recruit to "a sumptuous garden filled
with beauty, feasts and women." On waking, the newly minted Assassin was
convinced that he had literally gone to Paradise. From this point, his original
beliefs in Islam were gradually replaced with the Assassins' teachings to
convince him that he could return to Paradise by sacrificing himself to the
cause, ignoring the Islamic law against suicide.

Perhaps a thousand-year
war is still too long to be believable? Would you accept 500 years?

the whole world know that we shall never accept that the tragedy of Andalusia be
repeated in Palestine." - Osama bin Laden

What Osama bin Laden was
referring to was the surrender of the Moorish king, Abu Abdallah, to Fernando de
Aragуn and the loss of the Islamic territory of Andalusia in Spain. This
occurred in 1492 CE.

The People of the Book have long memories. If this
is not a continuation of the same Holy War begun with the conquest of Canaan
over three thousand years ago, it is certainly a war being waged for the same
purpose. The Al-Qaida, the terrorist group created by Osama bin Ladin, stated
that purpose in February, 1998. Under the banner of the "World Islamic Front for
Jihad Against the Jews and Crusaders", it claims that it is the duty of all
Muslims to kill US citizens - civilian or military - and their allies

Why does the Al-Qaida equate the United States with the
Crusaders? Students of Conspiracy Theory will tell you that our country was
founded by Freemasonry, a group that figures prominently in the ranks of secret
societies, a group that can be traced back to the Knights Templar, old
adversaries of the Assassins. According to Masonic authors Albert Pike and
Manley P. Hall, the true power behind Western Civilization is the Illuminati,
who are also spiritual descendants of the Knights Templar and the supreme
bugaboo of Conspiracy Theorists. This group, if it exists at all, is supposedly
riddled with the occult practices of the "Isis/Osiris/Horus Mythos".

What does this mean to sane people? Bear with me. Every branch of
Abrahamism is rift with sects practicing some form of mysticism, asceticism or
fundamentalism; often, all three "isms" are present within the same sect.
Fundamentalist beliefs follow the literal interpretation of the Book, which, in
turn, leads strict practitioners to ascetic deprivation, and that often leads to
mystical experiences. It is therefore easy for Fundamentalists to accept that
their opposing brethren also indulge in occult practices. In the war of terror
the Assassins are waging, it becomes natural to strike at their enemies through
the symbols of these perceived Occult beliefs.

The symbolic
correspondences of 911 have been exhaustively discussed since that horrific
event. I do not intend to repeat any of that information here; for those who are
interested, there are numerous sites on the Internet which address the
significance of the numbers and timing of that initial attack. However, I will
address the "Isis/Osiris/Horus Mythos" as it relates to, not only the attack of
911, but to the previous World Trade Center attack and a possible future attack.
It is not necessary to believe in a secret society of Templar heirs in order to
apply this information. Like the use of Astrologers by the Allies in World War
II to predict the movements of Hitler, who did believe in Astrology, it is only
useful as a test to see if the Al-Qaida Assassins believe in this association.

According to those who have studied these associations, the events of
the attack were orchestrated around the movement of the stars that represent the
Goddess Isis, her consort, Osiris, and her son, Horus.

These are,
respectively, Sirius, the three stars in the belt of the constellation Orion,
and Regulus. The ritual positions for these stars are: 33° above or below the
horizon, 19.5° or 39° (which is twice 19.5°) above or below the horizon and the
horizon and meridian themselves, which are considered to mark the passage
between life and death:

1st attack on the World Trade Center on
2/28/1993 @ 12:18 pm, Sirius/Isis was 33° below the horizon.
Estimated time
of arrival of Flight 93 at Washington, DC on 9/11/2001 @ 10:20 am, Orion/Osiris
was 33° above the horizon.
Start of US attack at Kabul, Afghanistan on
10/07/2001 @ 12:20 pm, Orion/Osiris was 19.5° below the horizon.
1st day of
Ramadan in Washington, DC on 11/17/2001 @ 4:00 am, Sirius/Isis will be 33° above
the horizon.
If an attack occurs on November 17th, 2001, we will know that
this theory is correct and be able to predict the movements of the terrorists.
Whether an attack takes place or not, one thing we can all believe is that we
are living in strange times.

J. T. McAlister

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