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Water Wisdon

Author: Joy Dunkin, Ph.D

President/Executive Director
Water Wisdom, Inc.
Manitou Springs, Colorado

    If you are lucky enough to live near mineral springs that
naturally flow from the EarthMother's body, then you are lucky enough.  If
you do not live near mineral springs, locate some somewhere and make a
pilgrimage there (weekly, monthly, annually, as often as you can).  These
waters are the lifeflow, the blood, of "Her" physical body and of our physical
bodies.  And just as the EarthMother is being transformed and lifted into a
higher level of consciousness, so is all life upon the Earth being transformed
and lifted into a higher level of consciousness.

    In MANY
cases, the cycle for these spring waters is more than 100,000 years old. 
These waters were snow and rain upon the Earth at a time when human
consciousness was of Lemurian consciousness, and they melted and sifted through
rock fractures, as they journeyed for several miles down into the depths of the
EarthMother's body.  These waters merged with the Earth, became one with
The Mother, contain the minerals of the Earth, and are the EarthMother's blood
that runs through Her body.  These waters are living waters; THEY ARE ALIVE
with the EarthMother's body.  Natural gases within the Earth cause these
living waters to ascend to the surface and provide ancient consciousness to

    As the EarthMother's physical body
transforms from a carbon-based consciousness to a silica-based consciousness, so
ARE VITALLY IMPORTANT TO US.  For centuries and centuries the
transformational significance of these living waters has remained hidden, just
as the springs themselves have remained hidden and un-used.  Why now? Why
at the end of the twentieth century did living waters once again begin to speak
to humanity about their ancient wisdom?  Because---the Earth and all life
on the Earth is now undergoing the Shift of the Ages---the end of a 26,000 year
cycle in the Mayan calendar, a 104,000 year cycle in the Aztec calendar, and a
225 million year biological cycle---IT'S REBIRTHING TIME!  And these
ancient waters are the waters of the EarthMother's womb. 

  It is a good thing for our physical bodies to soak in these healing
waters.  It is a better thing (now) for our bodies to take these living
waters internally---drink them to facilitate the organs and glands of our dense
carbon-based bodies to transform into a silica-based body.  In this day and
time it is necessary to locate mineral spring waters that are tested regularly
for bacteria and pollutants, and once you find such sources of living waters,
take them INTO your bodies as often as you can.

metamorphosis that our human bodies are going through is a transformation from
water content to that of light content.  Our bodies need LOTS of pure water
to do this, and the Earth's pure silica-based mineral waters are the best. 
The cellular moisture in our bodies is being transformed through the bone marrow
into a gaseous molecular form - - LIGHT!  As Prana enters the bone marrow,
the bone marrow becomes the electrical foundation for the physical body. 
As light is created within the bone marrow, it moves vibrationally into the
plasma.  Once in the plasma, this light is carried through the blood stream
to every organ, gland, tissue, cell, in the entire body.

The light that is vibrationally flowing through the body is called the KA (the
vibrational blueprint of the Soul---the Soul's memory).  The object now is
for humanity to awaken to the vibration of the KA and to remember the blueprint
and to remember who we are.  This is a time of tremendous metamorphosis,
whereby the cellular moisture (the water) in the body is being transformed in
the bone marrow by Prana into light----LIGHT BODIES!!!!!

Be good to yourself.  Locate a natural spring that has not been
contaminated with industrial pollutants or bacteria.  Make your pilgrimage
there often and take in the living waters from the EarthMother's living
body.  And please, don't forget to leave an Earth offering in the spirit of
gratefulness.  If ever there was a thing called "Holy Water"---THIS IS
IT.  It is not "holy" because a person with patriarchal authority has
blessed it.  It is "holy" because Our Mother created it.